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If you’ve got a tip you’d like to share with other hosts, email us at


Podcast Host Profile - Lee Douglas

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Podcast User Magazine: Podcast Host Profile - Lee Douglas - Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll 

May, 2007 edition.

[?] Microloans Made on Behalf of TalkShoe

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As a result of the Kiva microload Talk-a-thon, TalkShoe raised $1,200 + lots more though direct contributions. So far, Kiva has made 7 loans on our behalf.
$100 to Nomg Sophead, Cambodia
$100 to Pech Hou, Cambodia
$100 to Phen Ravy, Cambodia
$100 to Sem Samoun, Cambodia
$100 to Namig Farzaliev, Azerbaijan
$100 to Chea Sotheary, Cambodia
$100 to Fiapaipai Grey, Somoa
We’ll keep you posted as we here other information from


Blubrry Partners with TalkShoe

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Blog post by Blubrry about its partnership with TalkShoe. Read the Post


New Barcelona Software Release

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TalkShoe has just released a new version of its website and software called Barcelona. It’s jam packed with new, different and powerful features. There’s something for everyone. Many thanks to all those users who’ve contacted us with suggestions. If you have any issues, as always, contact us at

Upload Episode to easily upload your previously recorded podcasts and earn money with TalkShoe Cash. Click the “Upload Episode” tab on your Talkcast pages.

TalkShoe Player & Badges to list past, live and upcoming shows on your blogs and web pages. You can get a badge to link to your Talkcast page, or play all of them right on your website - And it’s updated dynamically. Go to “Create a badge” on a Talkcast page.

New TalkShoe Cash. We’re continuing to write checks monthly but it is now based upon # of downloads instead of number of hours. This was done to make it more fair for short shows, and how many ads can be placed in a show. See the Forum for more details.

TalkShoe Cash Referrals are now shown in detail on your reports. They’re listed for each referral. Why not contact those people who haven’t yet hosted a show.

Detailed Statistics on downloads and hours are now available for each episode for each week. The stats button is now on your myTalkShoe page.

More Featured Shows are now listed. 10 are shown, and more can be randomly rotated. Making it to the Featured List is based on show popularity, # of episodes, show topic, and show rating.


TalkShoe & Compunetix Broadcast Live from VON Spring 2007

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Internet Talkshow Platform Vendor Demo Voice 2.0 Application

Monroeville, Pa., March 17, 2007 - Compunetix, Inc. and Talkshoe, two of Pittsburgh’s most innovative voice application companies, are teaming up for VON Spring 2007, San Jose, CA on March 19-22. For the fourth year in a row, Compunetix will exhibit at the event and will be joined by Talkshoe, one of 2006’s hottest internet startups. Show attendees visiting booth 133 can take part in the first Talkcast held live at VON, hosted by TalkShoe, and supported by Compunetix technology. TalkShoe enables people to create, participate in, and listen to interesting and entertaining talk-based content, all via an intuitive online interface. The TalkShoe real-time VoIP and PSTN voice engine is powered by the CONTEX Summit, the flagship media processor manufactured by Compunetix.

Read more of TalkShoe & Compunetix Broadcast Live from VON Spring 2007…


Paul Colligan and Alex Mandossian announce Podcast Secrets series on TalkShoe

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Seminar to Help Dramatically Increase Profits for Podcasters

March 16, 2007 - A new seminar series entitled Podcast Secrets ( is being launched by Internet veterans Paul Colligan and Alex Mandossian. Podcast Secrets is a 7-week class for podcasters worldwide being held as a tele-seminar over the phone and the Internet. The first class is March 20, 2007 at 6:00 p.m. PST, 9:00 p.m. EST. During the seminar, Paul and Alex will reveal proven podcast secrets that can dramatically boost sales and profits for podcasters. These are the identical podcast monetization tactics that have generated 10 to 100 times the profits for other professional podcasters.

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PSST… We have a SECRET!!!

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If you are REALLY into Podcasting, you must know Paul Colligan - Internet strategist, author and speaker, CEO of and numerous popular Internet properties. His passion: The Business of Podcasting and eMedia. And if you’ve ever looked for the How To books on Podcasting, undoubtedly you have run into a book he has co-authored with Alex Mandossian: The Business Podcasting Bible. Alex Mandossian is considered one of the top 10 freelance direct marketers in America today.
So what do you get when bring a top 10 direct marketer and a top Internet strategist turned podcasting guru together and converge teleseminars, podcasts, and the Internet?

Podcast Secrets Live and Interactive on
– a seminar series by Paul Colligan & Alex Mandossian
Podcast Secrets is the premier seminar series on podcast monetization, a six-week course being held over the phone and Internet for podcasters worldwide. This course is exactly the kind of instruction that TalkShoe hosts need to learn to better promote their podcasts.
Join the Podcast Secrets Talkcast, where Paul & Alex will reveal:
The identical Podcast monetization tactics that have generated 10 to 1000 times the profits of other Professional Podcasters!
If you are currently a hobbyist - why you may want to turn your podcasting hobby into a business

Proven Podcast secrets that can dramatically boost your sales and profits WITHOUT making you spend a single dime on advertising or production costs…

Success in monetization requires knowledge and promotion. Paul and Alex will lead you through the information to arm you with the knowledge, they will impress you with their results in promotion techniques, and you’ll get a first-hand feel for how they combine telesales seminars, podcasts, and the Internet to succeed.



TalkShoe members have an exclusive opportunity to join a non-public Talkcast of the seminar - to be able to chat during the event, and then meet Paul immediately following the seminar for a private discussion and Q&A!

So come join us at the Podcast Secrets seminar and…

Be sure to CLICK HERE to save $79 by using this TalkShoe Discount link!


Podcasters to Host 24 Hour Live Podcast for KIVA

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Talk-a-thon held  at Noon on March 18th, 2007

Pittsburgh, March 15, 2007 - Podcasters will unite to raise money and awareness for Kiva, ( a web-based microfinancing charity that enables individuals to lend money to people in developing countries for starting small businesses. Microlending is a way for those of us who have benefited from the Internet and the prosperity of the Western world to give something back,” said Dave Nelsen, CEO of TalkShoe.

Read more of Podcasters to Host 24 Hour Live Podcast for KIVA…


Off to PodCamp Atlanta

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TalkShoe is sponsoring another PodCamp in Atlanta, March 16, 17. By the way, the PodCamp sessions are always recored as audio or audio/video podcasts. The video podcasts from PodCamp Toronto are excellent! Mark Juliano from TalkShoe is giving 2 sessions — one on live interactive podcasting, and another on monetizing podcasts.


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