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With TalkShoe’s podcast transcription service, you can easily and effectively transcribe all of your podcasts!

Here’s why: Transcribing improves your podcast accessibility and reach using topic tags that mark quotes and conversation pieces from previous episodes. But wait, there’s more

Make Your Podcast More Accessible

With podcast transcription software, your message not only touches those who are impaired, but it also allows for a broader reach. As an audio-centric platform, podcasting isn’t for everyone, but with an audio transcription, those with a hearing impairment or hearing loss can still access your content.

Additionally, your podcast instantly becomes easier to search for. With topic tags and video captions, your podcast will come up more easily while searching and give your audience more ways to instantly receive and enjoy engaging content.
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Build Your Audience

Build and retain your audience when you can appeal to their wants and needs. Podcast transcription software adds another option for those who think, “too long, didn’t listen.” Instead, they can get a feel for what your episode is about by reading through your transcript. Pro-tip: Structure the headers and pull out key parts of your transcription for impactful takeaways that intrigue readers and invite them to become listeners.

Provide multiple ways to take in and absorb your message. Once your podcast transcription is done, you can translate it into different languages for easy reading that appeals to an international audience.

Provide Way More Content

Use TalkShoe’s topic tags to find a specific tidbit of conversation from a previously recorded episode once your podcast transcription has been finalized. Podcast transcription software automates the process to be manageable and pain-free, so you don’t have to go in manually or get someone else to do it.

Your transcription can be included in your podcast show notes. It is a very valuable resource of information that can lead to social media posts, graphics, or even provide inspiration for your next podcast topic!

Pull out parts of your transcript to use as quotes in posts or to complement video footage of your podcast for posts and reels. Plus, podcast transcriptions create more opportunities for backlinks and improves Search Engine Optimization. It’s a win-win-win situation!
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It’s Easy!

TalkShoe’s podcast transcription service is straightforward, simple, and does all the work for you. You don’t have to hire or go out of your way to create engaging content your audience wants to consume. Searchable transcripts for all your podcast episodes require only a few clicks and save you a ton of time so you can focus your efforts on creating the podcast series of your dreams!

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    Todd Shapiro

    The Todd Shapiro Show, SiriusXM
  • "As a long-time Podcaster, I love TalkShoe's functionality, ease of use, and constant refinements & updates! I highly recommend it for seasoned podcasters & vloggers, keen amateurs & enthusiasts. TalkShoe will give you the showcase you've wanted and much more!"

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