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Produce a crisp sounding podcast with high quality video from anywhere in the world – seamlessly!
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Crystal clear audio. 1080p HD video. Fast and secure recording for guests and producers.

It’s easy to create a top notch podcast with TalkShoe’s Virtual Recording Studio that brings people together from anywhere in the world for a flawless podcast.

Podcast From Anywhere

With everything you need to produce a podcast remotely right at your fingertips and on your screen, you can collaborate near and far with guests and producers. Meet and work with multiple people in the virtual recording studio to share co-hosting capabilities straight from your desktop.
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Record With HD Audio And Video

Enjoy recording your podcast locally for unparalleled audio quality that is crystal clear and crisp sounding. Did you know you can also video record your session? You can create even more content from your podcast by choosing to hit record and capture footage in real-time or recorded for later use.

Experience Feature-Rich Technology

TalkShoe comes loaded with features that enrich the quality of your podcast and make the production of your podcast run more smoothly. Use screen sharing to bring others onto your screen during interviews or for better team collaboration. Encourage dial-in numbers for guests who have a poor internet connection or who are in exceptionally remote locations. While recording, opt to live stream to YouTube or share your unique URL with anyone so they can watch or call in while you’re recording.
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Stay In Control

Make the most of the Virtual Recording Studio’s producer controls to keep an eye on what’s happening without a co-host or moderator physically beside you! Share co-hosting responsibilities with the click of a button that gives another participant the ability to mute, unmute, and manage what’s happening behind the scenes and more.

Make Editing Simple (Coming Soon)

Once your podcast recording is complete, you can go through your masterfile (the finalized file comprising all audio or video tracks as one) and individual files (the masterfile separated into multiple tracks) to edit together a clear sounding podcast without muffles, mistakes or background noise.
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Raconteurs, conversationalists, yarn spinners...
Hear what other TalkShoe podcasters have to say:

  • "The TalkShoe podcast platform is fantastic! It’s super easy to produce, stream, record and share via RSS feed, not to mention the hosting and unlimited storage is free! It’s the perfect platform for those new to podcasting or for professional casters. Give it a try!"

    Todd Shapiro

    The Todd Shapiro Show, SiriusXM
  • "As a long-time Podcaster, I love TalkShoe's functionality, ease of use, and constant refinements & updates! I highly recommend it for seasoned podcasters & vloggers, keen amateurs & enthusiasts. TalkShoe will give you the showcase you've wanted and much more!"

    Dave Cooper

    The Cultdom Collective Podcast