The New TalkShoe Podcasting Portal Has Arrived

March 10, 2022
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multi-deviceIf you’ve been part of the TalkShoe podcasting community, you know what it’s like to podcast with us. From recording and streaming, to exporting and importing to hosting and storage and so much more, TalkShoe has been keeping creators excited to create since 2006.

But just like all good things, they must come to an….just kidding! We’re not going anywhere. TalkShoe is only getting better and improving with more state-of-the-art features, and an amazing new look and feel.

New Talkshoe portal videoCheck to see the new TalkShoe podcasting portal, designed for creators who want to create. The new TalkShoe is here to bring you the best online podcasting experience. We’re up, we’re running and we’re just waiting for you to get in on the good stuff by logging into your account, or by signing up here to start creating your podcast today!


Are you a seasoned podcaster or just starting out fresh? Either way, it doesn’t matter. The new TalkShoe will get your story seen and heard, and make you money. No matter where you are, you can podcast with TalkShoe. TalkShoe has no limits and neither should you.

Ready to learn more? Here’s what the new TalkShoe has in store for its community of long-time and brand new creators:


multi-functionAnalytics offers numbers and patterns so you can make big growth decisions when it comes to building an audience, upping the number of downloads and giving listeners more of what you do best!

Simply, open your account to view the new “Analytics” tab. Curated from all listening platforms, Analytics provides you with the metrics surrounding your proper listens and impressions data. Now it’s easier for you to get a much wider view of who’s listening to your podcast and how they’re listening. This means you can curate your content and deliver to your audience exactly what they want.

It’s straightforward to use; Sort by podcast (per episode coming soon) and set your date range to see on a daily, weekly or monthly basis the amount of listens, where people are listening from (state/province, country), what source they are listening on, what type of device they’re using and more!

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Simplified Distribution

Why make distribution more complicated than it has to be? With the new TalkShoe, it’s easier than ever before to get your podcast seen and heard. We provide you with step-by-step instructions in uncomplicated language so even your grandmother can do it!

Using TalkShoe’s podcast software plug-in RSS feeds, you’ll be able to ignite conversation and engagement by linking your episodes to online publishers including Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartradio Pandora and so much more.

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Advanced Podcast Publishing

Ok, so you’ve got this whole podcasting thing down pat from writing to recording, but when it comes to planning and publishing, you need a little guidance. No worries! We’ll take care of the rest. Everything from scheduling your podcasts in advance to planning future releases, we’ve got the tools to schedule an episode and so much more. All you have to do is plug in the date and time, upload your recording and sit back and relax, and wait for your audience to tune into your episode at the time and date indicated.

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Media Drive

Make your life easier and more streamlined with files and media that are all stored in one place. Imagine being able to access your fully-decked out content library whenever you want, totally on command. Imagine the episodes you can create painlessly when files and document references are swift and easy to locate and grab.

Now you can add documents and files to your podcast simply with the click of a button. Plus, all your show recordings will also be stored in your Media Drive so you don’t have to go rooting around trying to piece together your downloads and edits.

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Separate Live Events

To go live, or not to go live? That is the question… but it doesn’t have to be! You can create a new recorded episode or a new live event or both! Depending on your audience and content, you get to choose. By default, all existing shows will be categorized as both a live event and episode. Live events are for going “live” but episodes can be recorded or uploaded into your RSS feed. And if you do decide to schedule a live event, you can choose if you want it to go automatically into your RSS feed, or not!

If you’re looking to add a whole other dimension to your podcast, whether it’s your first episode or your hundredth, here’s how to kick up a storm with your podcast; The newTalkShoe is the go-to, one-stop-shop for all your podcasting needs. Built specifically for podcasters and producers, you can host and store, distribute and syndicate and easily transcribe your podcast on TalkShoe’s audio and video hosting platform – all while making money for being a creator. It’s your podcast, your way.


Sign up to get started with TalkShoe’s new platform and to stay on top of release dates, marketing bonuses and more. Your new portal awaits!