TalkShoe Presents The Think Anomalous Podcast

November 23, 2022
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Want to explore what’s outside the norm of science? Only on TalkShoe. host Jason Charbonneau takes you on a journey into the unknown.

TalkShoe is proud to introduce the Think Anomalous podcast, an independent media producer and publisher passionate about diving deep into anomalous phenomena, making them easily accessible to a public audience.

You’ve probably heard of “paranormal” or “supernatural,” words that connote strange, out-of-the-ordinary phenomena. Things like telekinesis, UFO sightings or clairvoyance, and other happenings described by popular culture and passed down stories that live beyond the scope of science.

But have you ever heard of anomalous phenomena?

According to the Think Anomalous website, anomalous phenomena are “any reported events that cannot be attributed to known human or natural causes. To classify something as anomalous is simply to say that its cause is not yet known, and not to say that it is necessarily ‘paranormal’ or ‘supernatural’ in nature.” 

This can include out-of-place animals, lucid dreaming, entity encounters with angels, extraterrestrials, and spirit beings, near-death and out-of-body experiences, channeling, mediumship, UFOs, altered states of consciousness and so much more. 

Jason, Host of The Think Anomalous PodcastYour host Jason Charbonneau is a passionate and devoted anomalous-thinking junkie. Fueled by his interest in the history of supernatural thought in the western world, he’s been fascinated with adjusting his focus on society’s questioning regarding the unexplained. As a writer and film producer, Charbonneau works freelance while he operates and produces Think Anomalous independently. 

Think Anomalous produces easily digestible historical-style docs for YouTube, but also makes their info available via audio-only formats. With over 20 episodes to choose from on TalkShoe, you can easily get started down your own rabbit hole learning about the strange and miraculous wonders of the world. 

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Curious to listen? Visit TalkShoe and get started with these top three selected episodes:

The Mothman EncounterThe “Mothman” Encounters, 1966-1967

(Episode on TalkShoe:

While the “Mothman” has become a fixture of paranormal horror since it was adapted to film in 2002, the stories it was based on were actually far stranger than anything portrayed on screen. The wide range of events that occurred in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966 and 1967 remain some of the most perplexing anomalous events in history, and they implore us to consider how they all might be related.

The Jinn


The Jinn: Supernatural Beings of the Muslim World

(Episode on TalkShoe:

The Quran tells us of invisible beings called Jinn that occasionally interact with humans. Belief in Jinn is mainly confined to the Muslim world, but nearly every culture on earth has posited the existence of similar beings


Hudson Valley UFO

The Strange Case of Dr. X: UFOs and “Miracle” Healings

(Episode on TalkShoe:

Though we tend to think of "miraculous" healings as the domain of religious miracle workers, a number of UFO witnesses claim to have been spontaneously healed during or after their sightings. By examining these kinds of anomalous effects on witnesses, we probably won't learn where UFOs come from, but we may explain what they are doing here


Visit TalkShoe for more episodes, or go straight to Patreon to become a Think Anomalous member