Why Have Podcasts Become So Popular?

January 28, 2020
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Since 2005 when Steve Jobs announced that podcasts would now be supported on iTunes, this audio-only method of entertainment has been steadily increasing in popularity. In an age where “video is king”, how is it that this continues to be the case year after year? Although simple in format, podcasts possess unique qualities that appeal to their listeners for a wide variety of reasons.

podcast listenerThey can be listened to while on-the-go

Since podcasts only require one of your senses, they are great for multi-tasking. Content can be easily consumed in a variety of situations as we go about our busy lives. A recent compilation of several studies found that 22% of listeners are tuning in while driving and 11% while at work. 4% even listen while at the gym. The ability to listen to a podcast on a smartphone also makes it a portable form of entertainment that can be carried with you in your pocket.

The variety of lengths that podcasts come in also means that they can be listened to no matter how much time you need to fill. Have an hour-long commute? Dive into an intricate true-crime podcast to help pass the time. Have only a quick 15 minutes before your dentist appointment? Listen to a daily news roundup to keep yourself informed.

They create a sense of community

With modern technology providing so many different avenues for connection, podcast listeners have the opportunity to engage with other like-minded individuals from all over the globe. Many podcasts have their own Facebook groups or utilize other online communication platforms where listeners can easily connect with one another. In many cases, the podcast hosts will even ask for feedback from their listeners and incorporate this into their shows. These personal interactions create a sense of community and belonging amongst a group of individuals with shared interests who would likely not otherwise connect.

podcast downloadThere are podcasts about EVERYTHING

With over 800,000 podcasts in existence and approximately 30 million episodes as of December 2019, odds are that you can find one which covers a topic that you are interested in. From politics to comedy, to relationship advice, there truly is something for everyone. If you need inspiration, browse through the TalkShoe library for a wide selection of content and start listening to your new favourite podcast now!

Thinking about starting your own show?

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