What to look for in a podcast hosting service

January 8, 2019
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Mini podcast studioSo now you’re ready to find a suitable podcast hosting service. After all the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into perfecting your podcast, you need the perfect host to make your hard work get noticed. But with so many viable options out there, how’s one supposed to choose what’s best? You’re probably asking yourself questions like, where should I host my podcast? What’s the best podcast hosting site? How much should I be paying?

Let’s face it. You’ve already racked your brain and creative juices to come up with a stellar podcast, the hosting part should be easy! Every podcaster has different wants and needs, but there are a few things no one can do without. Here’s exactly what you need to be on the lookout for when it comes to making your podcast resonate.

Enjoy More Possibilities With Free Hosting And Unlimited Storage

Podcast studioFirst things first. When it comes to searching for a good podcast hosting service, what’s important to keep in mind is that hosting podcasts isn’t the same as hosting a website. Usually, websites are comprised of many small files, the typical web page only taking up 1MB. On the other hand, podcast media files are quite the opposite. A 30-minute audio file recorded at only 96 Kbps can be 25 MB. And let’s not forget how much bandwidth media files take up when downloading. Storage will fill up faster than you think, so choosing a podcast hosting service that’s free and unlimited will save you thousands of dollars and give you peace of mind.

Access Information Faster And Easier With Auto Transcription

One of the bells and whistles of a good podcast hosting service is the auto-transcribe feature. Like any good show, a podcast will spark debate and conversation. People will want to listen to your show to hear what you have to say or gain insight into what’s being talked about. Being able to transcribe all your podcasts and use topic tags to quickly find a quote or mark a conversation from a previous episode saves everyone time and makes finding your favorite parts easy and accessible. Plus, you don’t have to go through the whole podcast.

Get Better Production Value With Joint Co-Hosting Options

CohostNot all podcast hosting services have this feature, but having an extra set of hands (and eyes and ears!) can help make your podcast run more smoothly. If this is your first time putting yourself out there or if you thought you could do it alone, adding a co-host is a nice option to have. Via web or by phone, adding in a co-host or moderator with the click of a button, allows them to host the controls while you lead the show. They can keep an eye on the calls, manage chat messages, prevent echoes and audio feedback or mute/unmute callers so the show’s content can carry on smoothly and worry-free.

Grow Your Audience With Easy-To-Use RSS Feeds

The primary purpose of a podcasting hosting service is to help your show gain an audience; to have an easily accessible platform where your podcast can live and breathe and be shared. Sharing your podcasts becomes even easier when the hosting service has a built-in RSS feed, allowing it to be spread across multiple channels. An RSS feed that ONLY contains podcast posts and no blog posts, or pictures or other media is what will help set you apart. And one more thing, a podcast hosting service that offers an easy to use RSS feed means no technical skills required on your end!

Connect By Web Or By Phone

Creativity can strike at any moment! Choose a podcast hosting service that allows you to stay connected to the Internet from anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re connected through your phone or on a mobile device, the opportunity to give your global fans a dial-in number to call in and join your podcast ensures easy and spontaneous access for all your listeners around the world. No podcast hosting service is complete without great sounding and hassle-free audio. Listeners being able to dial in is only half of it. The other is a low-cost, stress-free experience after they call in.

This is where the TalkShoe podcast platform come in. It’s the hosting service that sets up its creators for success, laying the groundwork for a show that garners a mass audience – like TalkShoe’s “Talking Twilight Zone.” This roundtable discussion and review of all 156 episodes of the series that changed television forever hits home with its adoring fan base every other week.
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