19 Underexplored Podcasting Ideas To Bring Into 2022

November 2, 2021
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View of smiling woman sitting cross-legged in room of clothing on floor wearing headphones and diligently working on laptopDo you ever catch yourself thinking about starting a podcast? Well, now’s the time to think a little less and start doing a little more. If you’re bouncing back and forth between podcast ideas, that’s okay. Deciding the kind of content you want to curate and bring to your audience isn’t an easy task. So let us help you!

In this article, we’ve brought together a few out-of-the-box and interesting ideas to stoke the creative fires of your imagination. Use these as a springboard or take them and go!

Here’s a pro-tip in the meantime: If you can talk about it, you can podcast about it. Literally, anything you can come up with can be translated into an episode, season, or podcast.

1. Short Stories
Write your own or enlist the help of published authors (after you get their permission). Collect all different kinds of stories from around the world. Try dedicating different episodes to different genres like fairy tales, murder mysteries, children’s stories, folklore, etc.

2. DIY
Who doesn’t love a good DIY? If money’s tight or you just can’t seem to find what you’re looking for in stores, make it yourself! Talk about how to make furniture from cinder blocks, install shelves or arts and crafts for the kids, all with your own two hands and a little ingenuity.

3. Product Reviews
Ever wonder if a Dyson hairdryer is actually worth investing in? Swap real-world bits of information, reviews, and first-hand experience of the products people are curious to try.

Woman sitting outdoors on grass, leaning against another person’s back, wearing headphones, and working on a tablet4. Advice
Instead of the age-old column, get real feedback in the here and now with an advice podcast that covers a broad range of topics. Try a car-related podcast or get intimate with love and relationships. Provide well-researched real estate advice or get serious about how to raise children and how to parent effectively.

5. Share a Coaching Session
If you’re a coach, consider sharing a recording of your session (with your client’s permission of course!). Whether from a small group or 1:1, if you had a breakthrough session, share it with the world. Let them know what it is you do and don’t forget to include your information.

6. Surviving the Great Outdoors
There’s no shortage of things to discuss when you’re unraveling the mysteries, complexities, and expansiveness of Mother nature herself. You can dive deep into topics like family-friendly locations, expert gear, best adventures, and more.

7. Favorite Things
Bring on guests and get people to share the things that make their life better. In other words, their favorite things like bands, cars, coffee, cities, anything big or small!

8. Guided Wellness
Lead and produce meditations, chants, and affirmations that can be used across a variety of situations: sleep hygiene, heart-opening inspiration, calmness, high anxiety, etc. Bring on different experts to talk to the topic or lead a meditation. Lead short mini-meditations, or go for longer sessions, whichever your audience is asking for.

9. Book Synopsis
We all have a list of books we want to read. Some people can get through it, but for the rest of us, it sure would be awesome to get the shortened version of the classics! Have a conversation around popular books that discuss the highlights, themes, and plots of the literature people want to read.

10. Psychology
The science and spirituality behind how the brain and mind intersect are far-reaching and fascinating. Zone in on different schools of thought from leaders like Jung and Freud, or branch out to eastern philosophy and other forms of therapy for a well-rounded take.

11. Other Ways Of Living
Between tiny homes, digital nomading, growing your own vegetables, and more, there is a surplus of ways to live this one life. Cover a few, or cover all of them on your podcast. Invite a guest who’s passionate about making their own kombucha or talk about what it’s like to tear down a school bus and make it a beautiful living space!

12. Paranormal Oddities
People can’t get enough out-of-this-world stuff. Anything from a “glitch in the matrix” to haunted hotels to creepy sightings will get people talking and listening.

Close-up, angled view of happy, smiling woman speaking into podcast mic against white brick wall13. Starting A Business
Especially during a pandemic, entrepreneurship has never been more alive. Side gigs, hustles, working multiple jobs to have multiple streams of income, it’s all part of the world we live in. Discuss how to scale, network, and really launch into the next level of success.

14. How To Brand
In the age of individuality and standing out in the crowd, branding isn’t only for big companies. In fact, it can be for everyone and definitely for the individual. Talk about how it affects your online presence, and getting a job. Loop in marketers, and designers and get chatting about what makes for a successful and well-liked brand.

15. What to Watch
With so many TV shows, movies, short films, and docs literally at our fingertips, it’s overwhelming to know what to watch. Get straight to the good stuff when you can listen in to what people have to say about the latest and greatest.

16. How to Podcast
Seriously. The medium is the message here, so why not use it to its full advantage? Share what you know or learn from others. By swapping hacks, tips, and learning how to write scripts, and more, your passion and know-how grow exponentially.

17. Writing and Writers
Team up with wordsmiths and penners to trade ideas, work on scripts, and discuss what makes for a good piece of writing. Chat about different styles, and structures or break down how to develop a daily writing practice.

18. Aging Gracefully
What’s it like to find the first wrinkles on your face or becoming a grandparent for the first time? What about retirement savings or becoming a “snowbird?” Bring this up for discussion and see what your audience has to say.

19. Pop Culture Trends
With TikTok and a vast expanse of social media, trends are popping up every minute! Have a podcast that talks about what’s happening right now. Compare and contrast, dissect and ridicule or just plain have fun with whatever the kids (and adults) are doing these days!

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