Top 7 Podcasting Accessories You Need Right Now!

July 10, 2020
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The 7 podcasting accessories that will make your podcast better!

Getting started or looking to get better. Either way you want to give your podcast the best. Sometimes that means upgrading your equipment.Which, let’s be honest, is often the best part of any hobby. Walking around the hardware store and saying “oh the things I could build, if I had one of those” is more fun than actually building the things. So here is your chance to daydream about that perfect podcasting set up. How do you want to sound? How do you want to look? What can you find stolen and listed on Craigslist?

#7 - USB Headset, a podcasting accessory you need right now!

We’ll divide this into 2 groups, ones with a microphone built in and ones without.

office man headphoneBuilt-in

Can be a cheap way to get in the game (no need to spend money on seperate mic/headset
Never have to worry about the mic being too close or too far away
Cool headphones can mean a cool pic on your Tinder bio

Look at him being so productive. Actually he’s playing Galaga.

No Mic

  • Less bulky headphones look sleek and stylish
  • Stand alone mic will deliver superior audio quality
  • Plus you can lean into the mic and say things really dramatic like ‘wake up sheeple”

Currently singing “Bulls on Parade”, hard to tell but trust me. She loves Rage Against the Machine.

For this podcasting Accessories You Need Right Now! Get something that is comfortable, and lets you hear and be heard well. Jabra makes a great headset that will deliver professional sound every time. Check it out here.

#6 - A good webcam, a podcasting accessory you need right now!

oldman-lady-laptopNow you may be saying that you’re not sure if you want to use video on your podcast. How do I know if I am good looking enough for the internet, don’t worry we can help with that too. Please follow this link to a special blog posting about video podcasting.

He says “back in my day” in 3….2...

For this podcasting Accessories You Need Right Now! make sure you get at least 720P Widescreen option.

#5 - A good internet connection, a podcasting accessory you need right now!

If possible you should be hardwired to your router,but if that is not an option there are many alternatives.
How’s your neighbour’s WiFi? Connect to that. The password will be the name of their kid or dog. It always is.
There’s free WiFi at your library. Perfect if your podcast is about whispering
Live near a business? Get a job there, get the WiFi password, then quit.
Move to Estonia. There is free Internet access throughout most of the country. Don’t know where Estonia is? Google it.

Slow computer? Crack it open and look for a switch labeled fast/slow.

For this podcasting Accessories You Need Right Now! you should consider speeds around the 100–200 Mbps range.

#4 - Green Screen and software, a podcasting accessory you need right now!

Take your podcast anywhere! A green screen will let you travel the world without ever leaving your studio. Plus you can do that Harry Potter thing where you pretend to have the cloak of invisibility. Don’t pretend you wouldn’t. Everyone does that. Your first day with the green screen will just be you playing around, saying “mischief managed”. That’s worth every penny.

Plus with a cool adaptation like this (or some good tape) you can have the greenscreen only where you need it!

For this podcasting Accessories You Need Right Now! as long as the foreground is a different color than the backdrop, you can use different shades of green, or blue, or even a red screen.

#3 - External Storage, a podcasting accessory you need right now!

Yes, I know that talkshoe has “free hosting with unlimited storage”. But what about things other than your podcasts?
An MP3 of an interview you want to add to a podcast
Photos from your trip that you want to share with your co-host
That clip from The Office that makes you feel good every time you slip it in (that’s what she said!!)

You can never have too much storage.

For this podcasting Accessories You Need Right Now! Storage is like beer. Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

#2 - studio mixer, a podcasting accessory you need right now!

DJA good mixer will allow you to control and fine tune your audio, essential for any podcaster. You can combine multiple sources, balance different inputs, adjust tone, enhance sound and turn the bass way up and say “No, I am your father”. You know you wanna.

Yes, you will look as cool as this. Guaranteed.

For this podcasting Accessories You Need Right Now! pay attention to connection types. In addition to knowing the kinds of connections you will need, pay attention to how many you will need as well.

#1 - New Computer Chair, a podcasting accessory you need right now!

You are going to be spending a lot of time sitting down, even more than you do already, so you need a good chair. This is not the place to cheap out. Sure you could sit in an old kitchen chair, but you deserve the best. The best is the Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina. It is without equal in this world or any other. The Xten uses the most advanced ergonomic knowledge, combined with designer Sergio Pininfarina’s lifelong dedication to buttock support. Sergio has spent his life studying the proper support, the correct cushioning and gentle massaging of the human derrière. At only 1.5 million dollars each, it is a steal. Order yours today.

Or use one of these. They are free on garbage day.

For this podcasting Accessories You Need Right Now! Think about your lumbar. Slouching can strain the structures in the lumbar spine.