TalkShoe Hits The Streets Of Toronto With A Pop-Up Recording Studio

June 18, 2019
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Summer is here in Toronto, and the city is brimming with outdoor events to check out during these sunny, warm months. The ever-evolving metropolis has no shortage of delicacies to eat, places to go, things to do. And now, there’s even a way to hit record and tell the world what’s on your mind by making an on-the-spot podcast. That’s right, a pop-up podcast studio at Stackt Market, brought to you by TalkShoe. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like sitting in a recording studio with a mic ready for you to express yourself, now is the perfect time to give it a shot and see if you like it.

Occupying unused land smack dab in the middle of the city nestled between thriving neighborhoods, Stackt Market has set up shipping container upon shipping container to create a curated space that celebrates community and culture. Its ever-changing nature (pop-ups and market vendors are always rotating) gives this sprawling retail/brewery/chillout space an inspiring, fun and experiential vibe – a suitable home for TalkShoe’s very own recording studio. It’s designed with everything you need to speak, stream and record. The coolest part? This fully decked out, state-of-the-art studio is in a shipping container too, and is free!

stackt market TorontoTalkShoe’s pop-up podcast recording studio, in partnership with Remenyi House of Music and Electrovoice, is outfitted with the latest and greatest equipment tailored to every podcaster’s need. With a soundboard, headphones, speakers and computer system all hooked up and ready to go, the TalkShoe recording studio experience is made complete with heavy duty telescopic mic stands, and high quality, smooth sounding microphones provided by Remenyi and Electrovoice, respectively. This is the one-stop shop to record and or live stream your podcast – even if you’ve never done it before!

TalkShoe is a free all-in-one podcast platform that gives anyone the ability to produce, stream, record, host and share. The community-centric approach is the perfect place for people to learn more about the craft of podcasting and how to do it. Plus, it’s super simple. Dora Bloom, Senior Marketing Manager for iotum Inc., explains that this pop-up is dedicated to people who are curious about exploring the benefits and possibilities of podcasting. “We really want to get people talking about whatever passion, interest, focus they have. Dreams, aspirations, our goal is to get people to open up, expressing themselves however they see fit. Being on location and hitting the street for real stories and discussion is what we’re all about.”

Here’s how it works.

recording podcastGo online right here where you will be greeted by a calendar. Simply select the date and preferred time, then you will be redirected to fill in your information. Each session is 60 minutes with all the equipment at your fingertips to put out a hit podcast with top of the line gear! Oh, and every podcaster gets their picture taken and hung on the wall. Once you come into the studio to record, you’re part of the community!

And, it gets even better! Ask any podcaster and they’ll tell you that one of the pitfalls of podcasting technology is that it’s a challenge for guests to call in (whether local or international) while recording/streaming. TalkShoe’s distinguishing feature is that anyone from anywhere can call in real-time with a dial-in number. Yep, even here at the pop-up at Stackt. Set up your own show on the fly, and have a guest call in! It’s easy, accessible and totally fun!

Bloom continues, “Podcasting is quickly unfolding as an integral component to a fully integrated marketing strategy, and combined with the added layers of participation and inclusivity, what TalkShoe stands for really gets blown wide open. Our pillars for this experience and what underpins our brands values is community, expression and accessibility. We couldn’t have asked for a better collaborative opportunity.”

Intrigued? If you’re in town, get down to Stackt Market at 28 Bathurst St. (Bathurst and Front), M5S 2R5, Toronto, and look for the TalkShoe Studio at Booth 1-101B. For more information about TalkShoe, click here or contact Marketing Community Coordinator Erica Donner at