Podcast Directory 101: How To Get Your Podcast Listed & More

October 9, 2018
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Listening to podcastsIf you’re just podcasting for fun, then being listed by podcasting directories isn’t something you may worry about. For everyone else, getting your podcast listed on iTunes and other directories is a major step that you have to take if you’re serious about podcasting.

Think of it like a product that you’re trying to get on the shelf. It could be the best product the world has ever seen, but if it isn’t on shelves then no one knows about it. Similarly, there might also be products that appear on shelves all over the world that aren’t as good as yours, but have high distribution --so never be discouraged by the “big guys”.

Your podcast is your product, so let’s get it out there, shall we?

Winning Podcasts Have A Unique Identity… What’s Yours?

If you are serious about your podcast, you need to have a unique name and fill out all of your relevant profile information.

Making the podcastLet’s start with your podcast’s name. First, it has to be descriptive and memorable. Sure, you could call your podcast something eye-catching like “Happy Super Funtime Hour With Steve-O”, but no one will really know what your podcast is about (unless it’s a comedy podcast that actually features Steve-O). So make sure your podcast’s title is fun but descriptive.

Your show’s description is next in importance. While not all podcast directories will pull this information, it can go a long way towards proving that you have a professional, thought-out podcast that you are investing your time and energy into. Take some time to fill out your show’s description, and make sure it has no spelling errors!

Your artwork should be a visual representation of your podcast that is easily recognizable. It also needs to be a square jpg or png formatted image at least 1400 x 1400 and at most 3000 x 3000 in size.

Finally, before trying to get your podcast listed on some of the major directories, make sure that you have published at least a dozen or so podcasts under TalkShoe so it looks like you have some experience podcasting.

Podcast Directories: There Are More Than You Might Have Thought

Like the title suggests, being denied by some of the bigger directories is not the end of the world. Sometimes you just need to work your way up. Here’s a list of directories that you can list your podcasts under that range from large to small. Not all of them have the same requirements, so make sure you do your homework before submitting your podcast.

Podcast selectioniTunes
Considered by many to be the gold standard of podcast directories, getting your podcast on iTunes is still the best way to get your podcast heard. As per Apple’s rules, you also need to have an Apple ID.

Google Podcasts (formerly Google Play)
Often considered the rival of iTunes, Google Podcasts will sometimes list relevant podcast titles as search results on, which could open up a lot of new followers for you. It’s still pretty new, but given the size of Google’s company, you shouldn’t be too concerned. Listing your podcasts here is still best done through the old Google Play Music portal.

iHeart Radio
A heavy-hitter on the podcast directory scene, you can put iHeart Radio in the same box itunes. To be included in their podcast directory, you need to email

Spotify has recently allowed their platform to include podcasts, which potentially opens up their entire listener base to podcasts like yours. Remember that Spotify’s audience tends towards a younger crowd.

Another new podcast directory that is growing quickly, Stitcher also includes a lot of smart and intuitive ideas in its interface. It’s got a lot of good names behind it already, so it’s definitely worth putting it on your radar.

Digital podcast
Digital Podcast is an easy-to-use podcast directory that is perfect for people that are just starting out. All you really need to do is create an account and add your RSS feed.

While not actually a podcast directory, you can still upload your podcasts to Youtube to increase your reach. It will really helps if you have a video portion to your podcasts, but it is not absolutely necessary.

If you don’t have a TalkShoe account, consider that the very first step towards getting your podcast listed on the very best directories out there. Why not record an episode today, and see what everyone’s talking about?

For the full list of what’s changed in the new and improved TalkShoe, see this support article.