Podcast Movement 2019 is Officially in the Books!

August 20, 2019
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Another year at the Podcast Movement, another exciting and successful week for TalkShoe! With over 3,000 attendees and 150+ speakers this year, the conference has grown beyond our expectations. Being the world’s biggest gathering of podcasters, this convention is such a spectacular way to meet members of the community who are just as enthusiastic about podcasting as we are. The energy of everyone there was contagious. It was hard not to reach out and grab every opportunity to both speak out about your own desires and achievements, and to listen to what everyone else had to offer. Although we came as sponsors seeking to educate podcasters on our product, we were just as much students and there to learn. Our team has been continuously improving the product since the re-launch last year. The results have been so positive, and it’s becoming increasingly easier to promote TalkShoe, especially with the help of The Podcast Movement.

We are passionate about podcasting, and strive to create the best experience for the community. This annual conference not only allows our team to promote our product, but it also gives us an opportunity to stand face-to-face with our customers and see WHO you all are. Being surrounded by podcasters and sponsors alike allows us to connect more intimately with the people who are genuinely excited about how far this creative broadcasting medium can go. From those who have yet to begin their podcast, to those who have been in the industry for years (and everyone in between), the desire is the same. The art and skill of podcasting will be forever evolving, and TalkShoe will continue to grow with it.

The mission behind the Podcast Movement is to unite aspiring podcasters in hopes to educate and inspire community members as individuals, and to expand the podcast industry as a whole. With featured events from keynote lectures hosted by inspiring guest speakers, to winding down and the networking parties, we can say with confidence that they have executed their vision with success in every aspect of the convention.TalkShoe-podcast movement 2019 social media

Podcast Pavilion

TalkShoe-podcast-movement-2019-live-podcastingOur booth featured two tables with four ElectroVoice microphone sets each, giving podcaster the opportunity to record on TalkShoe live from the convention. Giving people the chance to use the platform for themselves has proven to be the most effective form of promotion. The TalkShoe team works hard to make the most affordable, accessible, and forward looking product for podcasters. In addition to that, we seek opportunity in partnerships to excel our offerings beyond what we’ve created. We’d like to give a special thanks to our equipment sponsors, ElectroVoice, for providing our booth with the microphones and for giving away four RE320 mics to our well-deserving attendees. For those who recorded live with us, thank you for broadcasting your voice and letting your story be heard, whatever it may be! With the combination of an interactive set up and vivacious crowd of podcasters, exhibitors, and press, getting brand awareness for TalkShoe was easy to achieve. The TalkShoe Pavilion TalkShoe-podcast-movement-2019-live-podcastingprovided attendees an engaging space to mingle with others beyond recording at our booth, and the people who showed up most definitely took advantage of it.

Thank you again to everyone who signed up for TalkShoe and entered to win the raffle for microphones. We are beyond excited to have so many new members of our community and passionate advocates for TalkShoe. TalkShoe-podcast-movement-2019-winnerCongratulations to our four lucky winners of the RE320 ElectroVoice Microphones: Lilian Myers, Jerry Dugan, Simone Cavallaro, and Caitlin Darras.

With so many new incredible bonds and relationships, we want to stay as connected as possible. The 2019 conference may have ended, but we can continue to grow and learn from one another online, at least until Podcast Movement 2020. Keep up the good work pocasters!
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