Why Being Your Own Podcast Producer Will Help You Make It BIG!

October 23, 2018
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With TalkShoe, it’s now easier than ever to create a free account and get started recording your own podcast, but we hope that you won’t stop there. While it can be easy to just start pressing record, we suggest investing more time and thought into your podcasts, even if you have only a couple of hours a week.By taking on some of the responsibilities of a podcast producer, you could see the quality of your podcasts drastically improve.

Podcast studioSo, what is a podcast producer? Basically, it is someone who is in charge of the planning, administration, and technical part of podcasting in a studio environment so that the host can just focus on recording. By adding elements of this role to yours, your podcasts will grow in their quality and popularity --and hey, you might have some fun as well.

1) Podcast Producers Are Their Own Boss

Your own bossThe first reason to start being your own podcast producer is because it allows you to be your own boss. Sure, you can already decide when you want to record, but thinking like a producer can help you decide things like the overall creative direction of your podcast, or what guests you will have to better facilitate your discussion.

When you are thinking like a podcast producer, you are thinking ahead. While this may sound like extra work with no reward, planning in advance actually allows you to have more fun and create better podcasts.

When your questions are prepared in advance, you can focus on just having a good conversation. When you have booked your guests in advance, you can spend more time coming up with quality content. When you know what your next few podcasts will be about, you won’t be fumbling for topics the night before. Podcast producers do a lot, so it helps to incorporate some of their jobs into yours as a podcast creator.

2) Podcast Producers Learn Useful and In-Demand Skills

Podcast media conferenceSpeaking of jobs, podcast producers also learn several hard and soft skills that can be beneficial to starting a career in any broadcast or even project management-related role. Even if becoming a professional podcast is not your goal, you can benefit from the experience that comes with not just creating podcasts when you feel like it, but actually producing content under a set schedule and taking time to produce good work.

Some of the hard skills that you might learn include video and audio editing, script writing, social media marketing, public speaking, and a familiarity with recording equipment. In terms of soft skills, adding a layer of podcast production to your shows will teach you time management, scheduling, networking, campaign brainstorming and execution, and much more.

In a world where everyone listens to podcasts, most employers and recruiters will be able to appreciate the hard work and attention to detail that comes with producing. Even people who aren’t intimately familiar with podcasts will know that creating good work is not always easy. Having any amount of experience as a self-starting podcast producer on TalkShoe is sure to raise a few eyebrows on your resume.

3) TalkShoe Makes Being a Podcast Producer Easier Than Ever

Sure, breaking into podcast production is a lot of work, and a job on its own, but that’s no reason at all to avoid it. Thanks to the newly updated Talkshoe, you can take on a lot of task that would normally be handled by a podcast producer while only spending a fraction of the time and energy it would take on another platform.

Scheduling: Talkshoe knows that scheduling can easily become the most complicated part of an amateur podcaster’s job. That’s why they’ve created a completely integrated way to send out podcast episode invitations to your guests and keep track of scheduled episodes right from your show page.

Availability: Not every guest can meet you in person. That’s why TalkShoe gives both you and your guests the ability to connect on their preferred device, whether it is a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Guests calling over the phone also have the freedom to choose the best dial-in number for their location.

Recording: Sure, expensive recording gear is great, but not having it should never stop you from creating a great podcast. TalkShoe takes away some of the difficulty surrounding recording for those who may not be great at the technical side of podcasting. Podcasts can be uploaded or recorded with a single click right from your show page, so all you really need is a microphone to get started podcasting right away.

If you’re ready to supercharge your podcasts, and make the most of the new features and benefits that TalkShoe has to offer, why not record an episode today, and see what everyone’s talking about!

For the full list of what’s changed in the new and improved TalkShoe, see this support article.