TalkShoe’s One Click Import Feature

July 5, 2019
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Plenty of podcasters use TalkShoe because of how easy it is to produce and record shows. From phone calls to co-hosting to two-way dialogue, TalkShoe provides podcasters with a platform to record, stream host, and share one platform. Now you can even import your podcast series to TalkShoe, and this process is as easy as 1,2,3. Let’s take a look at the one-click import feature.


How Do I Import My Podcast Series To My TalkShoe Account?

Importing PodcastIf you have a podcast series hosted outside of TalkShoe and want to import the entire series to TalkShoe, it's a very simple process. You will see a blue Import show button on the top right of your dashboard or Shows page once you log in to your TalkShoe account. Once you click it you simply enter the URL to your podcast RSS feed into the import bar.
All of your show details, including the description, category and image will be automatically imported to your TalkShoe account.




What Is An RSS Feed?

Podcast seriesRSS feeds (Rich Site Summary and Really Simple Syndication) are web feeds with simple text files with updated information. Once this information is uploaded to a “web feed reader,” such as a news aggregator, blog site, or in our case a podcast hosting platform, it will consistently check the RSS feed for new content, automatically passing content between different websites. You can also find the URL of the RSS feed of any of your TalkShoe podcasts by clicking the RSS Feed button next to New Episode once you are in the series page.



Can I Upload Individual Episodes To A Series?

Uploading PodcastUploading an episode to your existing podcast series is also a simple process. Once you are in your podcast series page, click on New Episode then click Upload. The rest of the steps are just like scheduling any live episodes, date recorded, title and description if needed, then on the bottom, click the Add recording button in the bottom to upload the audio file of the podcast you wish to upload. Your new episode will be available instantaneously.


Ready to import? Log in or create your TalkShoe account now!