Make a Difference and Get Your Voice Heard Through Podcast Hosting

October 2, 2018
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Podcasts are a unique medium that allow for a lot of creativity and personalization, but are easily accessible by everyone with a computer and a basic understanding of audio recording. Podcast hosting allows anyone with an opinion or a story to get their ideas onto the public airwaves, and potentially be heard by thousands or even millions of people.

If you have ever considered creating a podcast, this blog will hope to convince you that no matter how small, big, or strange your idea is, you should be giving it a platform of its own through TalkShoe’s free service.

One Voice Can Always Make a Difference, and It’s Usually The Only Thing That Does

UmbrellaIf you have never created a podcast because you think your ideas aren’t good or polished enough, it’s an understandable excuse, but one that is completely untrue. Thinking like that is like thinking you won’t start a fitness class until you’re in better shape.

More importantly, our society was built on people being able to share their voices and opinions, whether they agree with the established narrative or not. That’s what a democracy is, isn’t it? Youtube has proved countless times that single idea can spark a world-wide conversation, and as Youtube becomes increasingly regulated and monitored, podcasting is becoming the new space for fresh and unique ideas.

As an amateur podcaster, as long as your material isn’t offensive, discriminatory, or otherwise in violation of TalkShoe’s Terms & Conditions, the only person you have to answer to is yourself. No one can tell you what to talk about, or what to avoid. You don’t have financial backers to please or corporate interests to uphold. Unlike radio, television, or just about any other medium, your voice is completely your own.

Having a Creative Outlet Can Make a Difference In Other Areas of Your Life

LightbulbIt’s been scientifically proven that having a creative outlet in your life will improve it other areas, such as happiness and general motivation towards your other tasks. If you are the kind of person that has fallen out of creative activities over time, podcast hosting is a great way to jumpstart the creative side of your brain.

In only a few moments, you could have a fully flushed-out TalkShoe account that is complete with your show’s name, description, and thumbnail. From there, starting or uploading a recording is only a click away.


Podcast Hosting Is Free & Fun, So Why Not Give It a Try?

CliffNot everything is about ‘making a difference’, and not every podcast is trying to change the world. Maybe you don’t think you have a world-changing idea, but that’s okay because podcasting is also a lot of fun.

If you’re the type of person who wants to use TalkShoe’s podcast hosting to get your voice out there “just because”, that’s a completely legitimate reason. The great thing about podcasts is that they are a blank slate, and don’t favor people who are better in front of a camera.

Basically, today is the perfect day to start your very own podcast.

Are you ready to take the plunge, and make the most of the new features and benefits that TalkShoe has to offer? All it takes is your email address to get started. Try TalkShoe today, and see what everyone’s talking about.

For the full list of what’s changed in the new and improved TalkShoe, see this support article.