How To Leverage Social Media To Push Your Branded Podcast

June 9, 2020
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Ask Yourself, Am I Incorporating All The Right Strategies?

Maybe your company just started a branded podcast, or has been producing one for a while. Whichever the case, a common thing we hear at Talkshoe is that people aren’t familiar with how to effectively promote their podcast on social media. You feel that the content is interesting, and relevant for your brand’s audience, but are still unsure of how to execute the promotional aspect. As a long running podcasting platform we’ve seen many success stories. The good news is that it may only take some minor tinkering to your social media strategy for you to see those numbers greatly improve. Let us help you out.

Promotion, Promotion, and More Promotion...Did We Mention Promotion?

It’s great that you recorded your podcast and shared it out on all the major social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). But the real question is, for EACH episode how many posts did you make, and to what extent are they varied posts? These are important questions to ask because studies have shown that the majority of podcast downloads are done in the first 4 days of posting. So you want to take advantage of that time frame. Here are some tips about how to optimally socialize each branded podcast episode.

Socialize the fact that you're working on the podcast before the release date.
This can include an announcement of a guest who is scheduled to come in or even a behind the scenes look at the actual recording of the podcast before release. Perfect for Instagram stories!

Reshare the branded podcast episode throughout the week after release.
Obviously you don’t want to overload your feed with promotions since that can come across as tacky. But 2-4 times on Twitter and 2-3 times on Facebook and Instagram during the week that the podcast goes live is deemed good practice. Remember, that doesn’t include the pre-promotion you did beforehand!

Different Types Of Posts You Use On Social Media

It’s important that your images don't all look the same and comprise elements that would draw attention to them. Below are the ideal types of images to accompany your promotional posts.


iotum-podcast-liveWidely considered to be the most effective type of promotion for branded podcasts, audiograms contain a snippet of your episode with an audio wave moving on top of your branded image. As it is not static, this graphic greatly helps grab people's attention on social media. There are websites that allow you to make them for free. Here is popular site that give you 10 free audiograms a month:

Image Quotes

tech-in-educationSimple but powerful. This is a quote that you place as text on an image relating to your podcast. It immediately gives listeners insight into the episode's topic. Being that your podcast is branded, it will quickly attract lthe ike-minded people that you are targeting!


If you recorded your podcast on video as well, use that as another promotional tool. Whether it’s a YouTube podcast or not, all major social media platforms allow you to post videos on their platform. Thus, this proves to be a very effective method to draw attention.

Upload Your Podcast To All Major Platforms.

Lastly, it is important to have your branded podcast episode hosted on as many listening platforms as you can. These include Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, to name a few. People have preferences towards how they consume their content soo when you can promote on multiple platforms you will appeal to a larger potential audience.

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