Important announcement from Talkshoe

October 2, 2020
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Hello TalkShoe users!

This is Dave Cooper and Jeff Franklin. You may know us from the official support calls, TalkShoe Support Live - Show ID 77, or from our replies to questions submitted by users such as yourself via an email or a ticket to TalkShoe Support.

For many years we have all enjoyed the great features of the service for free. However, as with any service, it is not free to operate. To help pay for expenses, audio ads will be inserted during the playback of recordings, beginning next week. If you prefer an ad-free listening experience you can subscribe to a paid plan. A free plan will still be available, but will include audio ads. Here is an overview of the upcoming plan options.

And here is a reminder of all the features that will remain in all of the plans:

  • Run live shows with a panel of speakers in the show’s studio and an audience in the text chat
  • Call in to shows with:
    • Numerous worldwide telephone numbers
    • Internet connected computers or smart devices
  • Use video during live shows by broadcasting with:
    • A webcam
    • Displaying documents on the screen
    • podcastersSharing the desktop
  • Broaden your reach by simulcasting on YouTube
  • Upload audio recordings made outside of TalkShoe to the service as an episode of a show
  • Store all your shows and episodes on the system
  • Broaden your reach to more listeners with the automated RSS feed allowing to list on podcasting directories such as Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more
  • Record episodes in video with the video recording playable from the TalkShoe website and an audio only
  • version playable from podcast directories
  • Share a link to your show on other social media platforms
  • Send out email reminders of upcoming episodes to followers of your show
  • Bring shows from other podcasting platforms to TalkShoe using the show importer feature
  • Receive great technical support

And the list of features will only continue to expand! The future of TalkShoe is bright! Reach out anytime with questions.

Thank you for being part of the Talkshoe family!