How to Become an Expert Podcast Recorder with Talkshoe

September 4, 2018
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Whether you are a longtime TalkShoe user looking to brush up on the basics, or are new to the platform, you are probably here for one reason -- to learn how to better your podcast skills and become a better podcast recorder.

That’s great! TalkShoe is such a fun, easy, and intuitive platform that you’ll be an expert podcast recorder in no time. Ready to get started? Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what we’ll be covering in this blog article:

Step 1: Create a new show with TalkShoe
Step 2: Fill out your show’s details, like its name and description
Step 3: Click to create a new episode
Step 4: Schedule your podcast episode for right now or later
Step 5: Invite any guests you need
Step 6: Join the virtual studio
Step 7: Start podcasting with TalkShoe!

Create a New Podcast Show with TalkShoe

Creating podcast TalkshoeAfter logging into a TalkShoe account, Click Create on upper right corner of the page. This will take you to a list of the shows under your account. If this page is empty, don’t worry! We’re soon going to change that.

Click on +New Show, and fill out all the relevant information about your show, like the Title and Description. If you don’t know what to write, just use a placeholder. You can always go back to edit and change any of this information.

After clicking Save, you will be taken to your new show’s page. It’s strongly recommended that you click on the speech bubble image and replace it with an image that represents your podcast, because it will make people that much more likely to click on your show.

Feel like a pro podcast recorder yet? Don’t worry, we’re not done yet!

Schedule Podcast Episodes for Later

While on your show’s page, Click on the New Episode button. From there, click Schedule. On the next page, you will be prompted to enter some information about that episode, such as its title, description, and time. The length of your podcast in this section is just an estimation. You won’t actually be cut off if you go over the time that you’ve specified.Timezones podcast

You can also click on the Timezones button to open up the timezone tool, which is perfect for scheduling episodes with callers from different timezones and countries. Add the city of your caller to this tool, and you will easily be able to see the time difference between where you are and where they are, making becoming an expert podcast recorder a breeze.

After choosing and inviting any guests to your podcast episode, just click Schedule to finish setting up your podcast episode! Make sure to change the time and date of your podcast so that it’s in the future, or your episode will start right away.

Start a Live Podcast Episode Right Now

Schedule Podcast TalkShoeEven the best of podcast recorders have times where they need to host an episode right now, instead of planning one in advance -- this is okay! TalkShoe knows that you can’t plan for everything.

If you need to start a podcast episode right away --you guessed it-- just do the same thing you would do to schedule a podcast episode for later, but leave the time as it is. The podcast will start right away. Click on Join Studio from your show’s page, and choose how you whether you would like to join the studio by phone or by web.

Feel like a master podcast recorder yet? If not, maybe it’s because you already are one, thanks to TalkShoe.

Happy Podcasting!


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