Free Podcast Hosting & More: A Guide to TalkShoe’s Newest Features

September 18, 2018
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Podcast microphoneAre you one of TalkShoe’s long-time users? If so, first I’d like to thank you for your continued support. Thanks to fans like you, TalkShoe has grown into what it is today: a place with more than just free podcast hosting and recording.

If you’ve been using the original TalkShoe for a while, you may be confused or unsure about some of our recent changes. It’s okay! While change can sometimes be scary, all of us here at TalkShoe assure you that these changes are for the better, and will let you do more and create more with your TalkShoe account.

Video Streaming Through The Web & Youtube

TalkShoe’s video capabilities have come a long way since its original iteration. Now you can use your existing web browser to also stream live video to the other guests in your virtual studio, giving you an extra layer of engagement with the people you are talking to. You’ll find that maintaining a conversation with someone is a lot easier with free streaming because they can see and read your facial expressions and movements.

Additionally, all TalkShoe users can now simply and easily live stream their podcast episodes through Youtube, allowing anyone with your Youtube link to view their episode no matter how many people are viewing. Youtube may seem like a “young person’s crowd” to some, but I encourage even old TalkShoe users to consider using it at least once to see how their listeners respond.

Desktop & Document Sharing

Laptop Document SharingThe sharing doesn’t just stop with video. TalkShoe knows that the more you are able to seamlessly share with your guests, the fewer distractions you will have. How often have you had to break your rhythm during a podcast to show your guests something on your screen? How many pictures and documents have you had to print out before your podcast, just so you could show them to your guests?

Every podcasting account now lets you share your desktop remotely, allowing your guests to see exactly what is one your screen. This is a great tool for showing remote guests exactly what you are talking about without interrupting the flow of your podcast. TalkShoe even takes this a step further, allowing you to upload an online document to the virtual studio. This way, your guests can view and download it at their leisure.

Audio Transcripts & Text Chat Records

There’s no worry if there are chat messages in your virtual studio that you forgot to note down before you ended your episode. TalkShoe now automatically records these chat messages to be reread and searched at any time from your Shows page.

Plus, if you’ve ever had to re-listen to a podcast to find something that you or one of your guests mentioned, you’ll be glad to know that TalkShoe also offers free and searchable audio transcripts for all of your episodes, which will save you loads of time that you can put towards creating.

Knowing that none of your content is ever lost or forgotten will give you the peace of mind to not just take advantage of our free podcast hosting, but be the best podcaster you can be!

Secondary Moderators & Video Recording, and More!

Microphone Recording PodcastTalkShoe knows that you can’t be everywhere at same time. That’s why the new TalkShoe allows you to appoint a secondary moderator for your virtual studio, who can then perform moderator-only actions in your absence. This feature is perfect for podcasts that need to be recorded remotely, or for when you’re just busy with other things.

For those of you thinking of taking your podcasting to the next level, TalkShoe now offers not only free streaming, but video recording as well! Now you can record video along with your audio like the pros, and really kick off your podcasting efforts.

Are you ready to supercharge your podcasts, and make the most of our new features and benefits that TalkShoe has to offer? Why not record an episode today, and see what everyone’s talking about!