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Keep all your files and media on TalkShoe Drive for fast access and ample storage. Whether you’re pre-planning or in post-production, you can manage your content library on command. With soundbites, audio signatures, music pieces and more, all at your fingertips, you can seriously enjoy putting together dynamic content that has your audience asking for more!
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Easy Accessibility

TalkShoe makes it easy to access your Drive. Simply choose from the three following tabs: Recorded Meetings, Content Library, and Shared During Meetings/ Recording Sessions to gain quick access to the content you’re working on and the content that’s been recorded.

Recorded Meetings: All your recordings are listed here.
Content Library: Any files and documents you want to add to your content library and share with others is stored here.
Shared During Meetings: Any meetings where files and documents were sent are stored here.

Anything recorded or shared – including meetings – in TalkShoe’s Studio is saved and accessible through the Drive.

Enhance Your Podcast

Especially if you are co-hosting, or editing with other creators in other locations, TalkShoe Drive syncs your stored content so anyone from anywhere has access to it. Cloud-based technology makes it painless to produce podcasts. With TalkShoe, being a content creator becomes modernized. You can record your podcast in advance or stream it live. Either way, TalkShoe Drive is there to make the creation part seamless.
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Ultimate Organization

Stay neat and organized with TalkShoe’s optimized media library. It’s easy to see all uploads and downloads accurately itemized and cleanly displayed for viewing, sharing and creating. Upload what you want to share and you’ll plainly see the files that are automatically synced to TalkShoe Drive. Select the file you want to work with from the Drive option at the top of your online meeting.

Evolve How Your Podcast Reaches Your Audience

Straight from TalkShoe Drive, now you can add documents and files to your podcast all with the click of a button. Plus, all your show recordings will also be stored in your Media Drive so you don’t have to go rooting around trying to piece together your downloads and edits. Everything you need to put together your podcast is ready to go for you!

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Hear what other TalkShoe podcasters have to say:

  • "The TalkShoe podcast platform is fantastic! It’s super easy to produce, stream, record and share via RSS feed, not to mention the hosting and unlimited storage is free! It’s the perfect platform for those new to podcasting or for professional casters. Give it a try!"

    Todd Shapiro

    The Todd Shapiro Show, SiriusXM
  • "As a long-time Podcaster, I love TalkShoe's functionality, ease of use, and constant refinements & updates! I highly recommend it for seasoned podcasters & vloggers, keen amateurs & enthusiasts. TalkShoe will give you the showcase you've wanted and much more!"

    Dave Cooper

    The Cultdom Collective Podcast