Dos and Don’ts To Using Social Media To Enhance Your Podcast

January 22, 2019
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There are no hard and fast rules for making your podcast shine and attract thousands of listeners. The golden era of early adopters launching a new podcast, getting it listed on iTunes, then getting a mass of listeners to tune in is more of a fantasy than reality as we enter 2019. But don’t feel discouraged. It just means you have to be more creative with marketing your podcast and unafraid to take matters into your own hands.

Social media appsIt’s crucial to know how your podcast will live and breathe out there in social media land and the only way to do that is to decipher what works and what doesn’t work. Yep, that’s right – trial and error. While it isn’t quite down to a science yet (there is a degree of virality and “stickiness” involved) reaching that tipping point can be made easier and more accessible if you keep the following do’s and don’ts on hand. Here’s a list of what you should keep on the top of your mind when using social media to enhance your podcast:

Don’t Simply Say You Have A New Episode, Elaborate
Everyone is time-starved and attention is the new currency, so be mindful of your listener’s mental bandwidth (which is probably getting bombarded with dozens of other “new” podcasts), and make it real easy. Drop the name of your special guest; mention the controversial topic you’re covering; communicate that you’re running a contest; whatever it is, this is one of the first questions you need to ask yourself, “Why should someone take the time and effort to stop what they’re doing and listen to me?”

Do Be Strategic About Post Times
Posting sporadically when you feel like it won’t be enough to garner a consistent audience. Throwing up a post regularly at the same time generates interest and even suspense! Furthermore, consult social analytics to see if it’s Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram that will work best for you.

PhoneDon’t Downplay How Much People Love Winning
The opportunity to win a prize via your podcast fires people up and gives you the chance to connect one-on-one with your community and the winner. The giveaway can be small and be given out every day, or really big and given out every other month. Decide what resources you have available and keep the buzz buzzing with updates, posts, and pictures of winners!

Do Use Lots Of Hashtags
Hashtags are the key to making your podcast discoverable while reaching new audiences across social media, so don’t be afraid to pepper them on! Choose hashtags that match your particular topic, complement the brand you mention or reflect the current event you’re discussing. This will help increase traction and get you noticed.

Don’t Leave Out Links
Want more listeners on your show? Give your audience a little more to talk about by providing them with a link to click so they can get to where you want them to go (your podcast!) with less work on their part. It’s like an invitation that brings them directly to your website or podcast.

Don’t Leave Out Visuals
When it comes to a podcast, the focus is on audio and getting the right sound, pitch, and audible qualities to make for a perfect recording. But with social media, users respond to visual stimulus, so having visually appealing, high quality, properly-edited and relevant imagery works wonders. Add life to your podcast by embodying its essence in your social media visual treatment!

Do Remember Evergreen Content Counts
Social media (ahem, the Internet…) moves at the speed of light. While you’re still in the process of getting up your latest podcast, make use of all the previous episodes you’ve recorded, and re-post them as “evergreen” content so users can enjoy it again or get introduced.

Need inspiration? Take a look at one of TalkShoe’s featured podcasters, “Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory?” With so many topics from veganism to Bill Gates to Star Wars and beyond, there’s such a wide variety of content, it would be a shame for fan favourites to not be reposted! If the content is still compelling, why not use it again down the line?

RecordingDon’t Be Afraid Of Experimenting
At the end of the day, marketing is like a science and your podcast needs to be experimented and played with. Take chances, try new things, just remember to keep track of what gets you results and what doesn’t. Bear in mind metrics, analytics, and trends! Figuring out what social media strategies put your podcast in the best light will get your message out there exactly where it needs to be!

Not sure how to get started? Let TalkShoe give you the tools you need to set your podcast up for success. While you might have to implement the social media marketing strategies, you can rest assured that your podcast will be fully supported by TalkShoe, the community-building podcast platform with free hosting, state-of-the-art tools, live streaming, and 2-way communication ability. Curious? Learn more here.