Vocal Delivery Strategies for the Best Sounding Podcast

December 9, 2019
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Your voice is an extremely powerful tool and when used properly, can make the difference between a dynamic and engaging podcast and one that is quickly passed over. This is something that many hosts do not give adequate attention to. Sure, content is incredibly important, but if you mumble or rush through your delivery, no one is going to tune in.

Follow the tips below and I guarantee that your voice will convey your message in a way that will pull your listeners in.

Podcast studioStart with your posture

Sit up straight. This sounds like a no-brainer, but it is often forgotten in practice. When you slouch or hunch your back, the muscles involved in vocal projection tense up and can strain your voice. This prevents you from speaking clearly.

Distance yourself from the mic – a bit

The instinct of many people is to have their mouths so close to the microphone that they are almost touching it. This is too close! I recommend 4 inches away for the best audio quality. However, each mic is different so you will need to test this out – especially if you are using the built-in mic on your computer.

Speak slowly and clearly

When people know they are being recorded, the tendency is often to speed up their speech and rush through delivery. Take time to pronounce each word carefully so that nothing is missed by your listeners, and they are easily able to hang onto your every word.

PodcasterBe conscious of “um”

Although you might not notice yourself using this space-filler in everyday conversations, it is quite apparent when overused in a podcast. Be mindful of this once you hit the record button and don’t be afraid of a few seconds of silence while you gather your thoughts. Trust me - your listeners prefer this!

Practice out loud

Do a few test recordings beforehand to make sure that your content comes out sounding the way you intended. This exercise gives you a chance to catch yourself saying “um” too often or rushing through your sentences. If you notice this before you start, you can be mindful of it when it is finally time to hit record.

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