How To Amp Up Your Blog By Starting A Podcast

March 5, 2019
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There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the Internet, each with their own unique voice telling a different story. From mommy to fashion blogs, and every other blog in between about pretty much any topic you can conjure up (gaming, lifestyle, music, etc), if you can think of something to write about, you can find someone to read about it – and now hear about it.

Once you’ve found your niche and audience, establishing a blog can become a serious business. And just like any serious business, the more demand you create, the more you have to supply. These days, if you really want to up the ante on your online business or blog, creating a podcast is the next push to get you there. Incorporating a podcast show can be very advantageous to enhance your blog’s reach while improving website traffic.

Here are a few initial steps to think about before launching a podcast from your blog as painlessly as possible.

1. Is your blog suitable for podcasting?

It probably is, but there are two things to check. First, technological suitability: A self-hosted WordPress blog with your own domain name is typically the best place to start as plugins that give you accessibility and control over your podcast are much more feasible – feeds, artwork, content delivery, it’s more convenient and effective this way. A blog on WordPress means you’re off to a good start!

Secondly, creative suitability: Successful podcasts stem from a plethora of information while attempting to make the world a better place. Yours should revolve around a concept that can continually include new content and be tailored towards who you are trying to help offering consistently fresh ways of how you’re going to accomplish that. Who are are you speaking to? What problems/solutions will you cover?

An example of abundant creative suitability is the podcast, “Originz” hosted on TalkShoe. It’s geared towards the Renaissance man and woman, discussing broad intellectual topics concerning science and medicine. Dipping into other themes such as language, history, and medicine, host Paul takes his listeners through many different realms with plenty of ripe discussions that ignite curiosity.

2. Are you equipped with the proper gear?

Podcast editingInvest in the best tools you can afford, and that includes a microphone and software (assuming you already have a computer). In the beginning, you don’t have to shell out a lot to put forth a quality podcast. Maybe later, as you become more popular and want to experiment with different technical approaches, but until then, spending around $100 on a microphone is a good benchmark to get you going. Check reviews, and make sure you can plug it into your laptop or desktop.

(As for software, you can record using TalkShoe. It’s free, plus you can stream and host – but we’ll come back to this later!)

3. Is the back-end of your blog properly set up for audio?

The back end of your blog needs to be optimized for supporting the audio files that will be embedded into your post. Once you’ve created a few recordings, the next step is to take these sound files and connect them to your blog post. Using an RSS feed, these podcast episodes are picked up and fed to people via notifications through a plugin – all sent automatically! Your sound files live on a hosting site but are accessed through your blog, easily.

Podcast ideas4. Do you have some awesome artwork that matches your brand?

The artwork that goes with your podcast is likely the first (only) visual component your audience will see and therefore create a connection with. The image needs to be 3000 pixels by 3000 pixels and can be done in Photoshop or Pixelmator. Not a graphic designer? Reach out to designers on 99designs to find a professional who will help bring your vision to life.

5. Ready to record, save, publish and get noticed?

Finding a platform that offers one place for all your podcasting needs will save you time, effort and money. A one-stop shop that has storage, streaming, global call-in capabilities and state-of-the-art tools to help you get seen and heard online is your segue into adding your podcast to your blog effectively.

Just don’t forget to spend time promoting your podcast, too. To get people listening, there are few surefire ways to get attention – networking with other podcasters, paying for a mention (advertising on podcasts is cheap and very effective!), building a social media presence and even getting your friends to leave a review, all help to enhance appeal and ultimately, your brand.

Once you’ve recorded even just one episode, you’re able to bring together your blog and podcast seamlessly for a multifaceted user experience. Let TalkShoe take care of the groundwork, setting you up for success with hosting, recording and all the tools you need to creatively pursue your blog and podcast. Learn more here.