8 Reasons Why Your Business Needed A Podcast 5 Minutes Ago

February 26, 2019
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What’s stopping your business from starting a podcast? You’re probably thinking, “I don’t have an audience.” Not to worry. This is where you build listenership by appealing to a small but mighty core audience which will eventually give way to a larger one that naturally stays targeted. What’s more, it doesn’t take up much space or cost very much to start. If you have a desk then you have the space for the microphone, computer and podcasting software (Garageband already comes on a Mac!) that are required to get recording! The last thing you need is a good topic to discuss. Once you’ve checked these boxes, it’s time to put words into action and get recording. Here’s why your business needs a podcast:

Podcast Microphone8. People Dig Podcasts. Period.

In its infancy, podcasts were...different. They weren’t radio or video, rather they straddled a limbo between the two that no one could relate to. But that was over a decade ago and now podcasting has become a mega tour de force for businesses, brands, advertisers and more who are looking to speak their truth. Podcasting is the go-to medium if you want to make a difference and get your voice heard.

7. Reading Takes Too Much Effort

People will never actually stop reading, however, with so much movement and commuting involved on a day to day basis, it’s far easier to listen. Driving, walking, working out, mowing the lawn, flying overseas – these are all ample opportunities to get into someone’s head literally through their ears!

6. They Are Professional But Down To Earth

Podcasts are conversational and you don’t have to go through hundreds of revisions to produce perfection. Little imperfections and improvisation give your podcast authenticity. Even if your business is big and corporate, you can still nail professionalism while throwing down a strategic joke. And if you do need to make a revision? You can re-record and edit. No big deal.

5. Podcasts Score High On The Stickiness Factor

If someone decides they like a podcast, chances are they’ll stick with it. Here’s proof – “The Cultdom Collective” is a podcast hosted by TalkShoe that touches upon everything to do with Doctor Who, sci-fi, fantasy, cult TV, superheroes and all the movies, books, and comics that come with it. With discussions that include reviews, commentaries, interviews and more, it’s no wonder this fan fave has been running for 9 years with over 620 episodes. If you speak it, they will follow!

podcaster4. Personality Is Memorable

Got a personal brand? Time to add a whole new layer. A logo, slogan and digital presence are critical when establishing yourself, but to be a cut above, it’s your physical voice that will give your brand personality. It’s the cherry on top, really. Personality shines through voice – think about your tone, vocabulary, accent, speaking style, guest choice... these all add to the allure and genuine appeal of your brand.

3. Speaking Skills Will Improve – Dramatically

At this point, you’ve already got your hands in the ‘digital cookie jar’ with emails, sales funnels, social media marketing and more – but with a podcast, this is your chance to become the ultimate digital entrepreneur. It might be weird to be speaking in front of an audience that isn’t physically there, but practicing this skill enables you to be convincing when pitching a business idea; delivering engaging content on a webinar or articulating the right words when closing a big contract.

2. Gives Your Listeners More

If you know your audience and customers are opening up your emails, reading your blog posts and registering for your webinars, then getting a podcast running is really just the next step. You can form deeper relationships by creating content, for example, through interviews (aligning yourself with successful people in your niche to build rapport) and case studies (which puts what you teach into play).

1. Creates Scalable Content – Exponentially

Business podcast

Startup Business People Working on Laptop

The beauty of a podcast is that while you might go in with a plan and a script, you will also have nuggets of insight that naturally come up, and can spin off into other content or trigger an additional idea, and so many more possibilities. A podcast can be a content goldmine:

  • Jot down the best 7-10 points of one of your popular episodes, and create an infographic
  • If one recording session went on too long, break it down into multiple recordings to create a mini-series
  • Transcribe a podcast and whip it up into a blog post
  • Slice up an episode and put into a slide deck to share via social media and maybe even a live presentation
  • Make a short film (graphic or motion) set to an episode for a more visual approach

Planning to go forward with a podcast takes practice, patience and a good set up. Let TalkShoe host your business’ podcast from the beginning. With a community-building podcast platform that has all the essential features like free storage, RSS feeds and easy web and phone connection, your business’ voice is just episodes away from being heard. Try it out here.