5 Marketing Pointers To Get Your Podcast Seen But Mostly Heard

February 5, 2019
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Listening to podcastWhen did podcasts become so popular? First of all, humans love stories, and the podcasting medium caters exactly to that. Segments can be long and saved for later to be listened to over and over and over again. Secondly, they incite your imagination. There is usually zero visual component, which means your mind gets to hum and whir and make it all up – just like a book. Thirdly, listeners trust their host. The potential for fake news is minimal. Good content builds a wider audience which builds listeners which builds brand integrity.

There are so many more reasons why podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity and why they’re a critical component to your brand but one thing is for sure – Podcasts are here to stay. They give us access to such a wide range of incredible information at our fingertips – or ahem, earlobes!

As with anyone’s words or product, however, knowing who your audience is, so you can market and cater to their needs and desires, is how to grow your podcast from a seed into a forest. Before we jump into some best practices, it’s important to point out that even though you might have a strong social following, it doesn’t always translate over into your podcast following. This is where it’s easy to become disgruntled. By implementing a few techniques when creating your marketing strategy, you’ll be able to get your story out to the world using this popular and evergrowing medium.

Social MediaUse Strong Keywords

Keywords make the world go ‘round. Ok, maybe not, but they at least get your podcast to go around! Without ‘em, how are listeners searching for the exact content you offer, supposed to find you? Think about what words you would type into a Google search, then use them in your title and description. Just like TalkShoe’s, “X-Files Truth.” It may be simple, but it gets the point across. This show, hosted by Agent Shadow and his partner Agent Angela takes hardcore “X-Philes” (their fans) down memory lane through all 9 seasons of the beloved show, as they review, analyze and breakdown each episode. The show’s essence is encapsulated in the title.

Think Of Other Podcasts As Growth Opportunities

You get a lot more with honey than with vinegar. Keep this in mind when you’re ready for your voice to be heard and your podcast is ready to be uploaded into the sea of other podcasts. It’s not reassuring to see all the competition out there, but this is the chance to look at things differently. Instead of feeling threatened, reach out and recommend other other podcasts on your show. Lift up another podcaster and in return, yours will most likely get a boost too. Join groups on Facebook, including @talkshoecommunity to ask and give advice and spread the love!

Recording a podcastWrite a Press Release

Keep an eye out for media outlets and digital publishers who are creating articles and listicles, like “Best Self-Improvement Podcasts” or “Best Podcasts To Keep You Entertained While Cleaning The House,” for example. This is a great opportunity to comment and send in a short and sweet press release you have on hand. Writing to the author is a great networking move that could get you on their list next time. Be sure to include a shoutout to them too. What goes around, comes around.



Give a Juicy Description

Finding the sweet spot between not giving it all away but giving just enough to leave them hanging is a fine art when it comes to writing a description for your podcast. Leaving a trail of breadcrumbs will position your podcast as being irresistible. Remember your keywords, relevant links, and a few provocative adjectives!

Consider Including Shownotes

Show notes are a few steps past a description for your podcast. Think of it as a trailer for a movie that presents to the listener the point, and the goal and generally what to expect before they hand over their time and focus. Show notes go beyond a word-bite to break down context, present links, mention sponsors, and really set up each podcast as a thing of beauty and joy! Even to prospective listeners who haven’t actually listened to your show yet, show notes strengthen your podcast’s integrity.

As podcasts skyrocket higher and higher in popularity, so do listener’s expectations. Creating content and marketing that reflects their online behavior should be on every podcaster’s mind. Stay up to date with current trends by signing up for a free podcasting hosting service with TalkShoe.TalkShoe has everything you need to start your own podcast for free; record it live; stream it and share it with a captive audience and host it! Start today.