Got Some Time Off During The Holidays? Listen to These 5 Christmas Podcasts To Pass Time

December 18, 2018
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Pass Time During The Holiday Season With These Holiday Podcasts

Holiday giftWhether you’re on a flight to somewhere warm, about to get into a car to your meet your family, or are just staying home for the holidays, you are sure to have some free time this December. For both longtime podcasting fans and newcomers to podcasting, now is the perfect time to start listening to some Christmas podcasts to get you into a festive mood.

Even if you’re not the type to celebrate the holidays, you’re sure to like a few of these podcasts. Why? I think you’ll find that there is more to Christmas podcasts than you think.

The Moth Podcast: Holiday Specials

The Moth Podcast is a community storytelling podcast that invites storytellers from diverse backgrounds and histories to share their stories and experiences to a wider audience. The holiday installment of this podcast brings together stories that are between 5 to 15 minutes long, and if you take a liking to them, you can go back and listen to the holiday specials from the last few years.

This American Life: Christmas and Commerce

Listen podcastThis American Life is an American hour-long radio program and podcast that is broadcast all over the states. Every week, they choose a different theme and present stories on it. This Christmas podcast episode is about the intersection between the values of Christmas and the reality of the retail environment that pervades Christmas in the United States.

It also includes the hilarious “Santaland Diaries” story, which was originally broadcast by NPR in 1992 and is about a man who works as an elf at Macy’s department store in New York’s Herald Square during Christmas.

Stuff You Should Know: How Black Friday Works

Speaking of retail, if you’ve ever taken part in the capitalist battle royale that is Black Friday, you might also be interested in how it came to be, and how it works. The Stuff You Should Know podcast is exactly as its title describes; it is a light and easy to follow podcast about stuff you should know, but don’t. Even though this podcast episode originally aired in 2013 and has some now-outdated statistics, you should still find a lot of value in it.

The Truth: Naughty or Nice

DecorationThe Truth is a podcast that makes “movies for your ears”. It is an anthology of short stories about 10-20 minutes that range from the macabre to the light-hearted. This Christmas podcast is about a Christmas elf and his struggle to put kids on the naughty list. What is funny about this little podcast is that it both closely mirrors and pokes fun at the corporate or office environment, complete with office politics, jurisdictional red tape, and unexpected problems.

Stuff You Missed In History Class: The Krampus and Friends Holiday Special

HolidaysAnother easy to explain podcast, Stuff You Missed In History Class, is great at making lesser-known historical events not only accessible and easy to understand, but also fun to learn about. The first episode in this series of Christmas podcasts is about Krampus, which is the cultural antithesis to whom we now know as Santa Claus. Podcast fans who listen to the entire series can also look forward to hearing about Frau Perchta, Caga Tio, and more.

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