Corporate Podcasting

Corporate Podcasting with TalkShoe

TalkShoe gives your company a host of benefits for creating, managing, and listening to your live and recorded audio podcasts (Community CallsTM).

Company Benefits

Position Your Company as the Thought Leader

• You know your business and industry better than anyone else, and people like to buy from experts. So when you’re the expert, you’ve got a leg up on the competition.

Increase Company Visibility

• Podcasts can be listened to anywhere; from your website, from iTunes, on iPods and MP3 players, and can be spread virally across the Internet.

Increase Customer Loyalty

• When your customers interact with your company, they naturally become your partners and become loyal to your brand and products

Reach the Internet Generation

• There’s a whole generation of people who no longer consume traditional media. And many of them listen to podcasts. This audience is young, savvy, educated and has a significant amount of disposable income.

Increase Sales

• Use corporate podcasting to educate, qualify and sell to your customers efficiently and cost effectively.

Lower Sales and Marketing Costs

• By simultaneously reaching a broad geographically dispersed audience, you can lower travel cost, and make more efficient use of corporate and sales resources.

TalkShoe System Benefits

Turn-Key System

• TalkShoe provides what you need to create, manage and host your audio.

Advanced Live Environment

• Users have a see-who’s-talking indication and can both voice and text-chat. Up to 250 talkers, and 1000s of listeners can participate.

Host Control

• Host has features such as 1) mute and censor, 2) request-to-talk queuing, and 3) start and stop recording.

Easy To Use

• Any employee can easily create a live and recorded Community Call.


• Any Community Call can be recorded for listening, downloading or podcasting.

PLUS All the Benefits of Podcasting!

Time Shifting

• Since audio is recorded, listen to what you want, when you want.

Automatic Updating

• When someone subscribes to any of your Community Calls, the latest episode is sent to them automatically.


• Users can download a Community Call to a portable iPod or MP3 player for later listening while commuting, sitting at home, or even jogging