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Screen Name: Deirdra Gross
Overview: Deirdra Gross (a.k.a. the Personal Trainer for Your Life), is the Owner/President of MAKK Strategies.
Biography: MAKK Strategies is a Personal Productivity consulting firm specializing in Professional Organization and Time Management training for both business and residential clients. Deirdra Gross started MAKK Strategies in August of 1999. After graduating from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Ms. Gross went on to hold a number of positions, including Vice President of a language school (at the tender age of 23). Ms. Gross turned the language school from a business that was failing and about to close its doors into a company that is still in business 13 years later. She went on to work as a Management Consultant for two national Management Consulting firms. She worked on Process Redesign for companies such as Bell South, Northern States Power, General Motors, IMC Agrico, and many others. While a consultant, Deirdra developed and honed her organizing, time management, and process improvement and redesign philosophies that she currently shares with her corporate, small/home office and residential clients, both locally and across the country. Deirdra is an award-winning entrepreneur, columnist, author and speaker.

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