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Screen Name: Sorgatron Media
Age: 29
Overview: I like to make things based on my passions. Technology, professional wrestling, whatever meets my interests, and invite others in on the discussion.
Biography: The original "Mayhem Show" started several years ago as a streaming online radio show (using Shoutcast server, winamp, and a home computer, capable of a grand total of 15 listeners) It mainly consisted of DJ Sorg bullshitting about RAW that night, reading news, and playing underground music. This show bounced around radio servers (Toxic, PAJ, etc) and found a home on The Wrestling Mayhem Show was started, as a podcast, on January 10, 2006, when DJ Sorg asked new friend, Lunchbox, to come over and talk wrestling on his radio. Week after week, more people joined the conversation, growing the show. The months have gone by. The crew has grown. As have the numbers of listeners. From England to Cairo, Egypt. They're out there.

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