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Screen Name: FlourishingShera
Biography: Shera has been helping nurture the universe and all those in it for almost three decades. She has early memories of feeling the intense power available from the 'non-physical' world and has kept that close to her heart throughout her journey. After obtaining a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Oregon in 2004, she pursued her passion of helping youth and their families thrive as a psychotherapist and behavior consultant with various non-profit agencies. In 2006 she opened Flourishing Families, a coaching business focused on teaching successful professionals how to stay intimately connected to their families while thriving in their careers. Shera's in-depth education and practice with Family Systems Theory, Universal Laws, Quantum Physics, Eastern Philosophy, Biofeedback techniques and general mindfulness practice was a means of integrating a more holistic perspective into her coaching practice. Her overall mission is simply to serve and offer as much love and gratitude to the world as possible. She has a special place in her heart for nurturing soulful entrepreneurs and is looking forward to helping you serve more clients, make more money and feel deliciously rejuvenated.

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