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Screen Name: Eskimo Sean
Age: 27
Biography: I'm a trucker! What more can I say? Born in Toronto Canada on the fourth day of June nineteen-hundred and eighty. It was my childhood dream to drive them big rigs. Pulling toy trucks all around the kitchen floor. You may say that was my first load. Well, they were empty moves all the time ( a truckers dream load). When I was twenty I I desided to make driving my carrer. My father had driven trasit busses since I was born for T.T.C. (though my parents divorced when I was eleven, I still already had it in my blood) My family moved to British Columbia when I was fifteen. I got jobs here and there But I wanted to drive. So my first move as a professional driver was driving busses. I worked for a couple of tour outfits. I drove tourists all over the western parts of Canada and the U.S. I had to take a lay off from busses tho, and that's when I decided to upgrade my licence to a class one from my class two. (class two are for busses up to 45', class one are for semis) A little practice and I was ready to go. I started out driving team to Toronto and back for two years. I couldn't handle team driving anymore, so I broke off and started single work. and have been a single driver for two years. I don't miss team driving.

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