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Screen Name: Mississippi-Angel
Age: 21
Overview: Angelisa Weaver Social/Spiritual Entrepreneur Life Coach in training
Biography: I am on a journey of self discovery; seeking a higher level of consciousness and a greater understanding of myself and my purpose in life. I had a brush with death in 1990 and miraculously survived against all odds. This experience raised many many questions in my mind like WHY DID I SURVIVE? WHAT IS IT THAT I AM SUPPOSED TO DO? I have now become crystal clear about my life purpose and now I want to help others do the same...I am now Living With Purpose AND on purpose. I have come to realize that I as well as ALL human beings can "BE, DO, & HAVE" ANYTHING we so desire! I NEVER HAVE TO LIVE ANOTHER MISERABLE DAY! I now know that I am the Master of my own destiny and I want to help others discover the incredible power we all possess. I believe that mankind is "in search of" truth and understanding and I also believe that I can help others by sharing my experience, strength, and hope; hence Project M.A.D. D.U.C.K.

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