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Screen Name: Suffix101
Overview: I created this profile to learn from others who have INSIGHTS that they want to share. If you have any INSIGHTS or THOUGHTS that you'd like to share ... I'd personally be GENUINELY INTERESTING in hearing from you.
Biography: "What is Suffix101 and how can it help me??" THINGS TO DO WHILE I'M STILL ALIVE: - See the EIFFEL TOWER - Go Whitewater rafting in the GRAND CANYON - Climb the Pryramid of EGYPT - Adventure on a AFRICAN SAFARI - Visit the GREAT WALL OF CHINA - Enjoy a CRUISE to the BAHAMAS - Snorkeling in COZUMEL - Gamble in LAS VEGAS As you know, the list keeping going ON & ON & ON & ON. That's why I'm *SUPER* thrilled to introduce you to the exciting world of Suffix101. Close you eyes and IMAGINE this: (No, seriously - - close your eyes) ... IMAGINE vacationing in an EXOTIC location, in your own PRIVATE villa, CASTLE, condominium or on your own private ISLAND? CHANCES ARE: You already have (((OR))) it's on your list! The truth is: Dreams can become reality, and if you think this vacation cost a king's ransom (like I did), then you are in for a SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE. ((( CHECK THIS OUT ))) - On August 22, 2006 WorldVentures, an online travel company, announced that the company has EXCEEDED $2.6 million in total travel sales in its first NINE MONTHS! The company's retail travel website houses a unique search engine (POWERSEARCH - trademarked) that generates bookings through the company's home-based travel agents and group travel desk. THIS COMPANY ALSO provides *EXCLUSIVE* DISCOUNT travel packages thru their DreamTrips(TM). Visit to find out more.

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