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Screen Name: Corinne S. Ramage
Overview: Hope Enthusiast! Leader in Wellness Studies and the Creator of the True Wellness philosophy of Well-Being
Biography: Reverend Corinne S. Ramage, the creator of the Spiritual Healthcare Network of online programs, has spent seven years in formal training with various spiritual teachers. In the past twelve years she has continued her studies independently, run a spiritual center, coordinated a private counseling and hands-on healing practice, provided long distance support to clients and students, hosted numerous meditation groups, done guest lecturing on her theories of wellness, offered live telesupport, and created a community of serious spiritual seekers. Her personal dedication to wellness and serious study of dysfunction and illness, have come to fruition in the Touch Stones to True Wellness Program. The program is supported by on-line lessons that have taken five years to complete. The format with its many study options allows a maximum number of people to participate in this original, life-changing approach to True Wellness. She has written two acclaimed books: "The Art and Practice of True Wellness" and "In Loving Grace, We Dream." Both are available at The Wellness Bookshop. The Spiritual Healthcare Network includes these programs and services: The Touch Stones to True Wellness online program Spiritual TeleClasses Living the Inspired Life programs Inspiring Hope The Highest programs The Wellness Project Message Board The Wellness Touch Stones Blog The Wellness Bookshop Ezine called "The Wellspring" In addition to her work with the Spiritual Healthcare Network, Reverend Corinne has resurrected the Faith of the Mother-Father. This timeless, evolving Faith is alive through the Healing Fellowship of the Unified Mother-Father with locations in New York and New Hampshire. She is President of the Board of Trustees, Senior Minister for the School of Divinity and coordinates all administrative efforts for the Healing Fellowship from her location in Olivebridge, New York.

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Compassion Speaking, Oneness Calling