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Screen Name: EMConnection
Age: 53
Overview: This show is for a growing public-private relationship between the citizens, emergency management, law enforcement and all other first responder groups.
Biography: Well where do I start, there is so much to tell about my life so I will just jump in and give the hundred thousand foot overview. In the early 60s, at the ripe young age of six, I began working for my father in one of his restaurants in Las Vegas Nevada as a pot washer and busboy. One of the things that I also looked forward to after school was when we had to make boxed lunches for first responders. I call this activity "growing up first responder friendly". For the next 20 years I continued to stay with my father and his restaurants until his death. (Dad, I wish you were still here, you are surely missed). I stayed in the restaurant business for a while as a troubleshooter for many chains, Denny's, Perkins, and finally Tavern (a steakhouse) in North Brunswick New Jersey. To make a long story short, a customer had come in to , that was waiting for one of his customers so we could show him a new technology. Being that computers were a hobby for me at that time I asked him to show me the technology that he was selling. What he demonstrated to me at that time, changed my whole direction in life and started me down the path of technology as a career. He demonstrated speech recognition, and this was prior to Windows coming-out, of course I laid out the $5000, pretty expensive at that time, and purchased one of his speech recognition cards and software development kits. A year later, I turned in my resignation and Arthur's Tavern, and ended up becoming the technical support person for the speech recognition company based out of Massachusetts. At the time the company's name was Verbex Voice Systems. Their current name is Voxware. After four years of running support department there, I left to form my own company, developing speech recognition applications for individuals with disabilities as well as for first responders, and I continue to do both to this day, especially during hard economic times, law enforcement and first responders that have to enter a lot of information into a computer, well to be quite frank, most do so with their index fingers, slowly. So speech recognition frees them from this keyboard usage isse, by allowing them to speak in their reports accurately and more concise than they can with the index finger method. For the last 10+ years I have had the honor of working with an LAPD officer that formed a technology company with his cousin a computer programmer, called Asvaco. They have an incredible assessment tool that is used for assessing critical infrastructure, maritime, and antiterrorism and multi-hazard. Through them, I interfaced on a daily basis with first responders and emergency managers from around the country and around the world. It was this nucleus, and finding talk shoe, that sparked the idea of bringing all of these entities together to share the good the bad the ugly, for mutual benefit, as well as bridging the gap between the average person in these groups, first-hand. There is a short story, I also "being that technology is a passion and hobby" continue to serve those that need assistance with their computers, by remotely connecting and working with them to solve the issues, and for them to learn how the issues are solved so the next time they run into it, they do not have to pay big dollars to have someone do it for them. And my price is low, I am the guy that is destined to take care of your mother your father your grandmother and other family members, as I treat them as if they were my own. Aside from this all-important show, please visit my website at and view my services. (Shameless plug) look forward to seeing you on the show.

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