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Screen Name: David Clemmons
Overview: My name is David Clemmons. I am the Editor/Publisher of "The VolunTourist," an e-news letter for those interested in all things VolunTourism. I have been involved in VolunTourism since June of 2000.
Biography: I am David Clemmons the Founder of - THE ReSource For All Things VolunTourism. As the Editor & Publisher of "The VolunTourist," a quarterly e-newsletter, I conduct interviews with VolunTourists that have taken VolunTourism trips around the world. I also actively research VolunTourism on the internet and respond to inquiries from people all over the globe. I have assisted companies, alumni associations, and individuals in planning VolunTourism journeys. It is my hope that more people will engage in VolunTourism and learn of its power to transform world views - to make us appreciate the wonder and opportunities available to receive and to serve.

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