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Screen Name: Michael Berman
Overview: Husband, Dad, Hacker. Sarcasm is just another free service I provide. I also ski, play soccer, and free climb.
Biography: Michael Berman is a Member of the Technical Staff at TidalScale. TidalScale is developing a scale up compute and resource architecture for customers to perform big data exploration and real time analytics. TidalScale's platform aggregates commodity server hardware into a single coherent supercomputer. Prior to TidalScale, Michael was CTO at Catbird Networks, where he was responsible for the design and requirements for Catbird vSecurity, the industry leader in security virtualization. Michael was previously a principal at ISâ??DATA, LLC an elite enterprise security design and computer forensic investigation professional services company. He performed hundreds of computer forensic investigations, designed enterprise security solutions and lead security assessments. Michael served in numerous roles for his service customers: ISO 27001 compliance manager, Chief Security Officer and Incident Response Manager. Prior to ISâ??DATA, Mr. Berman was the Western Region, VP of Professional Services for Predictive Systems, Inc, delivering security services and assessments nationally to numerous industries. Michael received his BA in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of California Santa Cruz. He is a Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP 4097) and a member of the SF Electronic Crimes Task Force

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