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Screen Name: DrGraceG
Overview: Dr. of Psychology, Individual and Couples Therapy, Naturopathic Healer, Longevity, Cancer, Molecular Neurology and Microbiology Researcher.
Biography: Have you ever researched GMO foods? They alter our DNA, microRNA and wreck havoc on all of our major organs, including burning holes in our stomach and causing leaky gut. They are still finding out all the damage these horrible toxic foods are causing to our bodies and will continue to find more over the future years, but for now I believe this is plenty to avoid it like poison. GMO foods cause cancer, diabetes, infertility, diabetes, thyroid disease, throws all your major organs and hormone production into a complete chaos, it causes everything we are suffering from. Your entire body is in complete fight against itself. Every time you eat genetically modified food your body and immune system looks at it and attacks it, because non of the foods Monsatan creates, exist anywhere in nature. Every food God created has a special set of codes which programs our cells to nourish, heal and repair, when Monstan messes with the DNA codes of the plants... they are completely reprogramming the codes and it is NOT natural for our bodies. It is unnatural. I understand so many people can not afford to buy organic, but please, chose local farmer foods as often as possible and avoid cereal wheat, canola, corn soy and cottonseed at all cost. READ LABELS on every item you buy, because they put such horrible chemicals in all the processed foods, you are poisoning your family. I used to give my boys Flintstones vits. and then I found out they have cancer causing toxic chemicals in them, I am still kicking myself for that. :*( Vegetable oil is made from canola, cottonseed, soy and corn, they put cottonseed and soy even in canned fish and other canned foods. Be very careful. I love Trader Joe's they don't label everything organic, because the USDA made the process so extremely expensive their products would be too, but they do buy their food from sustainable farmers and pass the savings onto their customers. Never ever buy just corn. The corn which is NOT organic is the corn that kills us, literally kills us. Stomach aches, allergies, ulcers, crohns, it's from GMO corn. Please, PLEASE BE AWARE. I also love farmers markets. Remember to ask the sales person at the booth if they use pesticides. Many farmers can not afford the outrageous certification prices, but they do care about the quality of food they grow because majority of the food goes to THEIR OWN TABLE and their children. Please watch this movie this is one of First Films they made about GMO foods and now years later, they have found out they do so much more damage than anyone realized.

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