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Screen Name: OnPoint Talk Radio
Overview: OnPoint Talk Radio... "Talk with a Purpose."
Biography: OnPoint Radio is an additional INFORMATIONAL entertainment outlet under thee OnPoint Enterpriziz umbrella, consisting of OnPoint Entertainment, OnPoint Graphic Design & Printing, OnPoint Apparel &... OnPoint 360 (a Youth Program... COMING SOON). Here, on OnPoint Talk Radio... OnPoint Hosts are cultural, intellectual & historian-followers of "thee People's" issues, concerns & solutions. Our radio broadcast serves as an open forum for thee public to tune in to discuss CULTURAL: community, educational, social, political, economic & entertaining cultural concerns & solutions on how to STRATEGIZE, ORGANIZE & UNIFY.

Calls this person hosts.
"STR8T TALk" w/Mr Controversy/Mr OnPoint
"True Stories Of Hip Hop" w/ "DJ Vex"!
"THoRoughBred$" w/ "DJ CHiLL" b/k/a ???!
"Sophisticated Ladies" w/ "Wonder Drea"!
"B-LEAV Dat" w/Mr. EYE Can't BeLIEve...
"Elevate Your Mind" w/ "Lady "Q" Real"!
"BiNtMiNdZ Klassix"HipHoP w/ "DJ CHiLL"!
"BiNtMiNdZ Klassix" R & B w/ "DJ CHiLL"!
"Table Dat" w/ all of Da' "OnPoint Host!
"OnPoint Radio's" (Special Unique Shows)
"Tell Me Sumthin GuD" w/ "Lady T" a/k/a?
"The Poetry Palace" w/ MissTee_IzQueen!
"K with The Goods" w/ "Special K" (NJ)!
JoY's H.O.P.E. w/Host: DJ Philly JoY

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"THoRoughBred$" w/ "DJ CHiLL" b/k/a ???!