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Screen Name: La Sal
Overview: Host of 'The Other Side Speaks' - ID#41402- airs the first Wednesday of every month @ 7PM EST - A show where I contact those who've passed on. Also 'Hosts Hangout' - ID#50540 - whenever, and 'Palm Reading 101' - ID#13719.
Biography: What can I say? I see dead people. I've been a professional psychic and medium for more than 45 years. I worked with the Psychic Friends Network, hosted by Dionne Warwick, and the Professional Psychic Counselors Network. I've been seeing the other side since I was a child. They seem to be around me all the time, trying to contact the living. A life altering dream I had after 9/11 made me realize I had a responsibility to connect people to the other side. When I found I thought it might be a way to reach out to more people, giving anyone a chance to connect.

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The Other Side Speaks
Hosts Hangout

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