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Screen Name: Blow the trumpet in Zioun
Overview: God call me from my mother womb. I was destiny to be a Server and Giver.
Biography: My journey took me from one level to the next. I started out at the Baptist Church. Never hear my pastor teach on the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongue, deliverance, healing etc. I went to a COGIC revival that]s when my life change. I knew that it was something different about those believer. I knew I wanted what they had, I want to dance in the Spirit like them. After I talk to my pastor about my experience. His answer was it have to be God's will. I said pastor you tell it's God will for them and not me. I didn't not agree with what he said. All i knew I wanted what they had. I went on a three days and night fast I cry to the Lord with sincerity in my heart I want the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongue and a Holy Ghost dance. I receive all the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues a dance in the Spirit on October 23, 1979

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True Praise & Worship Celebration
Youngmen and Women In God Ministry
6AM Prayer Call
"The SPIRIT of The LORD is Upon Me"