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Screen Name: Apostle Derashay Zorn
Overview: This show is designed to empower, educate, equip and employ individual daily in the word of God. It's a time of worship, pray, releasing the Holy Scriptures, hearing the word of God, have open word discussion, and kingdom declaration for the world.
Biography: Apostle Derashay Zorn is a servant leader who is very compassionate and dedicated to helping others birth what God has placed inside of them. Since being called unto the ministry she has been on a mission to activate, reactivate, or rejuvenate the true living God in those that is within her presence. She believes that there is greatness inside of everyone among the earth and she reaches to tap into that greatness. Derashay is an enthusiastic woman of God that is a powerful minister, teacher, and life coach in the word. She finds it a privilege and honor to serve within the kingdom. She comes as a humble servant to deliver the necessary tools to equip individuals for life according to their purpose. God utilizes her with words of wisdom, encouragement, and empowerment to break the chains of bondage so that all may live as ambassadors of God in their day-to-day living. Ms. Zorn has been an intricate part of community collaborations through bridging the gap between community entities. Mrs. Zorn's believe in building stronger communities through encouraging, empowering, and educating families. Her passion to assist others comes from being an over-comer of many obstacles individuals face within society. Her ability to overcome through the application of Gods word has been the birthing grounds for Divine Order Restoration Ministries (D.O.R.M.). In this ministry God has placed the mantle in her hand to restore the order of God one life, one body, and one nation at a time. She knows that it is time for God to become a living vibrate resident in the lives of all of His children. Derashay finds that it is very important that everyone she meets knows about the awesome God that she serves even if they don't know her name. Derashay Zorn is excited about the four dynamic men of God that is in her life. She is a devoted wife and proud mother of three boys and they reside in the greater Atlanta area. Mrs. Zorn has a M.S in Business Administration and a M.S in Information System Management from Keller University School of Management. Derashay works full time for the kingdom of God building his people, church, and community. She is an entrepreneur; consultant, empowerment speaker, mentor, and friend. She has held various leadership positions within the community and has extensive work in nonprofit organizations. Mrs. Zorn has served at GNLMBC as an associate minister, children church coordinator, women's day chair and various other capacities. She has been involved in nonprofit startup, technology analysis and implementation, as well as establishing curriculum's and training youths.

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