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Screen Name: KimsKorner
Age: 32
Overview: I am a work at home mom, a bit of a nut and enjoy helping people Oh and completely addicted to Bonanzle!
Biography: I have been selling online for over 10 years now. I have been everywhere and have had tons of fun. I took breaks here and there but always came back. The last time was not as much fun UNTIL I found my new home at Bonanzle now the fun is back in my work. I am fun loving, crazy in a good way, and when writing I never shut up. I am shy though don't let me fool you. In person or on phone I am very shy, until I get more comfortable then once you get me going I really never shut up. I hate arguing and negativity. Life is too short to get involved in arguments theres more productive things I can do with my time.

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