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Screen Name: The REAL Public Radio.Net
Overview: At The REAL Public Radio, we do Victim and Prison Out-reach Programming in a Seven-Day-A-Week Series called: We Are All Doing Time. Our slogan is: "It doesn't matter whether you are on the inside, or on the outside, we are all doing time!"
Biography: Our Vision: We are The REAL Public Radio, We are the common ground, where uncommon minds can meet, and then breathe the common air together. Our motto is: "Making this a better world!" Types of activity: We are "The Media" giving people a place to tell their own story, and then trying to introduce them to a variety of important researchers and all other avenues of possible solutions, dealing with their specific problem. Influences: The Great-Spirit,Yahlshoolvaht, The Moshaelyanchi (commonly known as: Jesus, The Christ); Socraties; Ghandi; John Foxe of Foxes Book of Martyrs; John of Wycliffe and William Tyndale both Bible Translators; John Bunyon of Pilgrims Progress; Crazy Horse; Chief Seattle; My Radio Listeners; The Book of Daniel; Joseph in Egypt; The Book of Job; Fritz Springmeier; Adrian Gordon; Eric Jon Phelps; Eddie Kahn; John, The Beloved; My closest Friends Favorite News Sources: The Info Wizard Additional Influences: The Many Sages of Olde; The Many Victims of Opression who have Survived, or died; and Many Others. Glenn Kealey; Ted and Alyn Pike About dezert owl: Historian / Translator / Collector of lost writings / Symbolist / Etymologist / Dictionary writer / Mythologist / Writer / Poet / Guitarist / Song-writer / Student of custom and law / Former political activist / I rescue women and get in trouble for it / Servant of The Great-spirit / Visionary / Misunderstood / Squamish.

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