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Screen Name: justinrayharvey
Overview: Professional blogger and radio show host born with a disability called cerebral palsy but I do not let that stop me!
Biography: the justin harvey show bio Justin Harvey, one of the hottest hosts on the block, is expanding his internationally-known podcast, �??�?�¢??The Justin Harvey Show�??�?�¢??, to new audiences alike. Endorsed by some of the biggest names in the world of martial arts and entertainment- Frank Dux, inspiration for the movie �??�?�¢??Bloodsport�??�?�¢?? and Kumite Champion, Mohhammed Qissi, actor who played �??�?�¢??Tong Po�??�?�¢?? in the movie �??�?�¢??Kickboxer�??�?�¢??, and Tony Luke Jr, actor, entrepreneur and martial artist-The Justin Harvey Show provides some of the best sound quality and interviews on the web. On a personal front, Justin Harvey continues to inspire many people as he has persevered over his cerebral palsy by hosting The Justin Harvey Show, writing a book, training under the legendary Grandmaster Frank Dux, and becoming West Virginia�??�?�¢??s first ever undefeated pro wrestling champion. In addition, Justin serves as the occasional co-host of the Carson�??�?�¢??s Corner podcast. Keep up with Justin and all of his activities by visiting the following links, you won�??�?�¢??t be disappointed. Friend Me on Facebook Follow Me on Twitter Add me on Skype justinrayharvey my youtube contact number for shows 304 673 4831 Email �??�?�¢??�??�?�¢?? Official website

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