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Screen Name: SasquatchExperience
Age: 21
Overview: The Sasquatch Experience is an internet radio talk show dedicated to discussion on one of America's last great mysteries... The Sasquatch.
Biography: Sean Forker, Host of 'The Sasquatch Experience Radio Show', is a Sasquatch Researcher/ Radio Host. Sean was a regularly monthly guest on The X Zone Radio Show, and the host of The Sasquatch Experience. In his free time, Sean enjoys cooking, electronics, and spending time with his wife, and their two children. James Baker, is the co host of The Sasquatch Experience. This is his first stint in the radio field. James, in his free time, enjoys Gardening, B Movies, and harassing Sean Forker. Henry May, the other co-host, is a virtual library of all things bigfoot. He is an avid movie watcher, net surfer, and researcher. henry is the proud Uncle of two beautiful nieces, and resides below the Mason- Dixon, in beautiful Mississippi.

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