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Screen Name: Radio Guy
Overview: The Radio Guy Is dedicated to share and help you grow your own personal brand by way of Internet radio broadcasting Live event Broadcasting Sales marketing And development.
Biography: Dr. Mike Prince (The Radio Guy) has been involved with the radio industry since 1987. He has work in a variety of formats: Gospel, Country, Top 40, Public Radio and Sports Talk Radio... In 2002 Dr. Prince created the OpenMic Broadcast Network (OBN-Radio) that provides LOCAL and COMMUNITY Programming in Prairie View, Texas. In 2012 OBN-Radio was recognized with the Teas Association of School Board Media of the Year Award... This series was put together to help those who seek to grow in the area of podcasting, internet broadcasting and radio. ENJOY and HAPPY BROADCASTING!!!

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Radio Guy Training Series
The Mike Prince Show

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OBN-2 (Talk)
OBN-1 (Sports-Talk)