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Screen Name: Prophetess Onye Bahati
Overview: I am a humble person. I have a strong belief in others as well as myself. I am on a mission to teach others about wellness. I believe when we feel better we do better.
Biography: Wellness Practioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Advance Life Coach, Ordained Minister, Microsoft Product Specialist are just a few of the many titles I hold. I am retired from the educational system. I have a medical background. I worked in the medical field in my early adult life. Now I am in the prime of my life and find myself full circle back in the medical area again. I love what I do. Ministry is my passion my first love. My calling is to serve God. I am a learner. I enjoy and adore leaning new and exciting things. My desire, passion, and goal is giving others real life skill and tools to help change their lives, transform and renew their spirits.

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Onye's ? Whats on your Mind
Restoration and Transformational Support
Prophetess Onye Bahati Prayer Warrior's
Prophetess Onye Bahati's Community Call
The Vine and Branches Restoration Minis

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Morning Inspirations
The Apostles Roundtable