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Screen Name: MoM4MyKiDz
Overview: educating families in making changes to their family dynamics easier so they may live "separate but not broken" allowing them to keep their family issues out of court system; protect themselves, their children & families from the corrupt system
Biography: Julia Moreno, the Founder of the Joshua Rose Foundation.Targeted Mom (for 6 years)and an Adult Survivor of Parental Alienation. (Experienced being alienated from her father for 10 years and has reunited with her father since age 19, total years of dealing with PA is almost at 33 years)I have over 30 years experience caring for children and adults with special needs and learning disabilities. I am the mother of 2 children ages 11 & 10 (one of which is special needs and the children currently being alienated from) and the step-mother of 3 children ages 19, 15, & 10. I have also worked for the State of Hawaii Board of Education and have been certified in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Behavior Modification Planning, and previously worked at a Paraprofessional Teacher in a classroom with students ages 3-7yrs of age In addition, I'm also a very active advocate for parents with children in need of special education services, and often times assist families develop an appropriate IEP program for their children. I am fluent in American Sign Language and completed the Strengthening Hawaii Families program which provides families a way to learn how to better communicate and to become a closer "OHANA "(Family).Instructor for the co-parenting class which Joshua Rose Foundation provides to our families who qualify for the programs we offer.

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