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Screen Name: The Lee PAS Foundation
Overview: The Lee PAS Foundation- Non Profit Org. Dealing with Parental Alienation, Adults & Children support system, Help with Emotional Wellness, understanding the life long emotional effects from High Conflict Divorce.
Biography: Education for Parents and Children, General Public, Justice System, & all Professionals, about the long term emotional damage to children and parents from Parental Alienation in divorce. Each week we have professionals in all fields as our guests, so that you can talk to them live for advise for Parental Alienation, Parental Kidnap, & Legal Education. We Advocate in Education of the benifits of Shared Parenting Plans, AND have a large support group that extends Nationwide. The best parent is BOTH fit and loving parents! What is important is the children and the emotional abuse they are suffering from Hostile Divorce. This is where you will find many answers to your questions on how to handle different situations with the children that have been severed from our lives. We have the right to parent our children with no interference from an ex spouce, ex family memberr or uneducated court system and uncertified agencies. You will also hear many success stories to keep up your hope and drive not to give up your children. Remember, the behaviors they display are learned behaviors and not what you remember your child to be when you were involved in their lives growing up. Adjustments in your mindset and tools to cope during this mourning process we have that never ends, is most important. Please visit and join on our Nationwide Foundation at We are a non-profit org. serving the nation with resources for you and your family. We are not attorneys nor can give legal advise. We only speak of Education and personal experience.

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The Lee PAS Foundation's Community Call